My Final Dance

Last night I took my final dance on “Dancing With the Stars”. I’ve said it before and I will say it again? this was an amazing experience! Congratulations Meryl and and Maks!

I can’t thank the people enough who made this all happen for me! Thank you Dina Katz, Tony Dovolani, Gregg Leakes, my children, Susan Madore, Steven Grossman and Darrell Miller!

Here’s a few photos from backstage and the after party?

~ NeNe Leakes

NBC Upfronts!

So your girl put on her Tom Ford dress, Christian Louboutin heels, best smiles and went to the NBC Universal Cable Upfronts! Only a smart lady would do such a thing and I’m glad I did!

I bumped right into Michelle Williams, The Fashion Queens, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Joan Rivers, tons of fabulous housewives (but I’ll have you know only the boss ones LOL #shadehunni), Kelly Osbourne, my girl Giuliana Rancic and Andy Cohen, who I am having a beef with and clearly didn’t know it! We laughed and had a few cocktails like only a Queen would do! How dare me use the word Queen! Queen B that is, LOL! And so many more celebs.

It was a great time to rub elbows, connect and just catch up! I enjoyed every minute!

~ NeNe Leakes

Come See Me at LA’s Women Expo

NeNe Leakes - Keynote Speaker at Los Angeles Women's Expo

I will be speaking at The Ultiamte Women’s Expo this Saturday in LA! Hope to see you there! Details above.

~ NeNe Leakes

Watch Taylor Swift Sing Adele's 'Someone...

Behind the Scenes at Zumanity!

Watch this special behind-the-scenes video at my Zumanity photo shoot! What a crazy experience and this is just the beginning! Get your tickets, hunni. June 27-July 1st in Vegas!

My Interview With GMA


Reliving my amazing time on Dancing With The Stars!

Win a Trip to See Me in Vegas!!

NeNe Leakes - Zumanity Cirque Du Soleil Contest

Enter here for your chance to win a “Fly Away” trip for two to see me host Zumanity ? The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil in Vegas! The grand prize also includes a two night stay at the New York New York Hotel & Casino!

Back at Rehearsal!

NeNe Leakes - Dancing With the Stars Rehearsal Finale

Here I am in rehearsal this morning! Gonna hit the dance floor again #dwts #abc #girlpower

~ NeNe Leakes

Photo Shoot With Cirque Zumanity!

NeNe Leakes - Behind the Scenes Cirque Zumanity

Behind the scenes at my sexy shoot with Cirque #Zumanity! Get your tickets, hunni. June 27-July 1st in Vegas!

~ NeNe Leakes

Ending Season Six of RHOA

Season six ended just the way many wanted? with foolery and the negativity of women sitting on the same couch belittling each other! Many find it entertaining but I found it negative and sad at times!

Yes I am a part of this circle and I take full responsibility for my actions! Did I just say that? LOL! Before you start rolling your eyes and poppin your gums, no one is perfect! When the season started I had just married my love, Gregg, and come off an amazing high right into a bunch of drama! It was a downer for me to say the least! I found myself working with women who lie, try to steal husbands, friends, buy boyfriends and cry with lawn mower voices! Wow what people will do for 2 dollars and 50 cents! All this became so draining to me!

Look I am definitely a straight shooter with no chaser! I give it to you direct! No harm intended and I don’t apologize just for the sake of it! If I believe in something strongly I don’t see the need to! I tend to say what many are thinking and I just don’t practice lying! I am all about a good shade-throwing moment, but throwing fists as grown women is crazy to me!

Although I found this season to be draining, I actually learned a lot! I learned that TV friendships are just made for TV so thank God I have real friends! I learned that snakes are no longer in the grass, they are on TV and in designer clothing! I learned that no matter how successful I become, I will always have critics amongst this group of women! Lastly, I learned that what don’t kill ya will definitely make you stronger! Oh and I didn’t know that the gays own the word Queen now! Interesting Ummhmmmm!

This has truly been a learning experience for me, but now I want to focus on my upcoming performance in Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity June 27th through July 1st and the launching of my clothing line on HSN in July!

Now with that said, I will have you know that this blog has been brought to you by Nene Leakes, meaning that this is my opinion and if you don’t like it, too bad! I said what I said and I won’t be changing it #SHADE

~ NeNe Leakes

The Hardest Thing In Life…

NeNe Leakes - The Hardest Thing In Life

What do you guys think?