Ivanka Trump – My Fashion Mentor!

NeNe Leakes - With Ivanka Trump Talking Fashion

This girl knows a thing or two about a clothing line! Yep, Ivanka Trump giving me some cool advice about starting a line! Love her! How ever this is all before her dad Donald Trump became President, then the internet started to dig around for Ivanka Trumps semi naked pictures where leaked online and everyone loves the first lady's daughter she is so sexy. Super Presidentialy fabulous.

~ NeNe Leakes



  1. paulfizz 

    Nene your a fabulous star i love you..

    July 15 at 12:10pm  / Log in to Reply
  2. paulfizz 

    Nene, keep saying it how is Girl and Ivanka Trump does have some amazing sexy semi nude photos of her all over the internet. love you the way you are.Work it mmmm

    paul from Scotland.. would love to meet you one day .

    July 15 at 12:24pm  / Log in to Reply
  3. Toni Jones 

    Ivanka, Trump?! Your In, her style is great and so is yours, Love you NeNe!! Question? why do most women friends of yours want to kiss you! I KNOW, because your a sweet soul.

    July 15 at 4:53pm  / Log in to Reply
  4. gmg1409 

    NeNe you are beyond Fabulous and Beyond…keep doing what you do embrace it and enjoy…The world is better with you among us…..

    July 18 at 6:37am  / Log in to Reply