My Interview With GMA


Reliving my amazing time on Dancing With The Stars!



  1. Roya'le Little 

    Boss Lady Leakes, I don’t give a damn if you dance the 2 step!! You went out there & you did the damn thing!! I am very proud of you for your perseverance, charisma, devotion, positive personality, & putting a stamp on keeping it real & living your life to the fullest !!

    love you,
    Melissa Roya’le

    May 12 at 6:48pm  / Log in to Reply

      Nene, you are right where you belong, in the circus with the freaks!

      May 12 at 9:14pm  / Log in to Reply
  2. Janice Henderson 

    NeNe & Tony you both did a terrific job Dancing with the Stars love you both.

    May 12 at 9:25pm  / Log in to Reply
  3. Gypsy 

    Nene, the love child of Mr. Potato Head and King Kong.

    May 13 at 3:35am  / Log in to Reply
  4. Toni Jones 

    You have to laugh at some of these negative posts. these people need to get a life. #TEAMNENE!!!!!

    May 13 at 6:28am  / Log in to Reply
  5. Karen Jones 

    Great Job!!!

    May 13 at 6:47am  / Log in to Reply
  6. msgreene25 

    I love your hair in this interview!

    May 14 at 5:16pm  / Log in to Reply
  7. EloiseM 

    I just want to say that the way you are filmed on the RHOA show does NOT do you justice. All the other shots or photos of you I have seen and even seeing you on DWTS showed you being outstandingly BEAUTIFUL. What’s up with Bravo? Here’s to wishing you well. Have you guys ever thought about doing a sitcom with just your family and real friends. Loved your wedding series. Talk about top notch production. If you could do that for the wedding, surely you can do the same with producing a sitcom showcasing the family. Who are so real and FUNNY by the way.

    May 24 at 4:21pm  / Log in to Reply
  8. EloiseM 

    Oh, and while I’m writing. So happy I found this website. You were great on DWTS. I voted for you and Tony each week. What I found so encouraging was the love you were shown by your fellow team mates. The judges loved you. Poor Donny Osmond, he was so besides himself, that for a minute I thought he was going to erect an altar to you or build you a bigger throne. You think he is a fan? (smile) Then to have his sister Marie adopt YOUR terminology being a GLAM-MA. I almost fell out of my seat. See there lady, you have real appeal across all demographics. Hoping you take care of yourself and the family and keep letting your light shine. Even from just watching you on television, I could tell you are a person with a LARGE HEART. That spirit will always open doors for you to be successful.

    May 24 at 4:33pm  / Log in to Reply