My Life Today!

Nene Leakes - Cinderella broadway script

Studying hard for the amazing Broadway CINDERELLA! I hope you will come see me Nov 25th until Jan 3rd. Scared and excited all at the same time!



  1. Riann 

    Nene, I am very moved by your talk with the ladies of Chicago you are kickin ‘ and takin’ names. Congratulations Nene !!!! I

    I wish you continued SUCCESS ~

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    • jojo123 

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  2. Riann 

    Kickin’ butt and taken names….Nene keep your head to the sky cause’ girl !!!! you are headed to the moon, and always keep Greg by your side…. a girl always needs someone who’s caught her back and someone she can trust.

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  3. Crystal 

    Nene I am very proud of you… Continue to follow your instincts and listen to the lord’s guidance.

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  4. Toni Jones 

    It’s natural to be scared, but you will overcome that and do the damn thing, like you always do!!!

    September 26 at 9:32am  / Log in to Reply
  5. terryrichRN 

    My birthday is December 31 and I will be turning 30. I will gladly share my journey with you. Seeing you on stage will be grand. Hey!!! how I get tickets?

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  6. Ann Johiissoon 

    Congrats on landing the role on Broadway. I know you will do just fine because you’re a natural in front of the camera no matter it its TV series, talk shows, and Broadway. .

    September 27 at 1:56pm  / Log in to Reply
  7. g bear 

    Don’t be scared; you will do well. I pray that God guide you through it. He will do it.

    September 28 at 2:02pm  / Log in to Reply
  8. Evansbree 

    Can’t wait to see you on Broadway!!!

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    • jojo123 


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