Photo Shoot With Cirque Zumanity!

NeNe Leakes - Behind the Scenes Cirque Zumanity

Behind the scenes at my sexy shoot with Cirque #Zumanity! Get your tickets, hunni. June 27-July 1st in Vegas!

~ NeNe Leakes



  1. susanz 

    Dang, girl. U built like a linebacker compared to dat buff man next to you!

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    • Maliksmama 

      No she doesn’t. She’s built like a very tall woman.

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      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        People like susanz don’t really care, maliksmama. They’re just bitter, hateful, cynical and jaded people who live in a world of misery of their own making.

        She (or he, I believe) is probably an undiagnosed mentally ill individual who craves attention … and finds that the only way they can actually get it is by acting the donkey’s ass on a celebrity’s web-site.

        (shrugs) Folks like susanz deserves pity … but not compassion. At least not in my eyes, that is. She/he/it deserves to be treated like the filth she/he/it really is …

        May 6 at 5:36pm  / Log in to Reply
        • susanz 

          Hey Quentin, you moron…looks like you’re giving me the attention that I supposedly crave, FOOL! Now sit down and SHUT YO FLAPS!

          Call me whatever you want, this is the internet, idiot. You have no idea who I am, what I do, or where I’m at,. *smirk*

          May 6 at 8:36pm  / Log in to Reply
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            I really don’t care, actually, but … like a troll does when given attention, YOU responded.

            Little ol’ me … I did that to you. Don’t you feel even more stupid now, susanz? I know how to work you. I know how to push your buttons. You respond every time … just like Pavlov’s dog; droolin’ and pissin’ all over itself as its conditioning implies.

            Maybe one day you’ll learn …

            May 6 at 10:33pm
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            Are you just too feeble-minded to understand that I’ve already got power over you? Every time you open your mouth on this site and spew all your hateful garbage, I’m right there … tellin’ you like it is.

            And you ALWAYS comment and reply back, susanz. See how stupid you are? If you’re such an intellectual enigma, why are you even deigning to respond to me, huh?

            I think it’s because you realize that, despite your so-called pseudo-intelligence and delusional sense of self-importance, I’m better than you … and it pisses you the fuck off.

            So … tell ya what … why don’t YOU – susanz – watusi ya nasty ass on out the door you came in, kick some mothafuckin’ rocks, and eat shit … because I have worked you yet again, sweet cheeks. And I’m gonna keep on doin’ it, too.

            May 6 at 10:44pm
        • WARM- 

          Simply beautiful! From one Sagittarius to the other? work it girl – WORK IT! ?NEVER SETTLE? For you are worthy.? You clearly understand and live by my popular quote. (#DMARLO)

          This is only one of many reasons as to why I?m immensely proud of you, NeNe. KEEP IT MOVING. Hope to see ya in Vegas! SMILE.


          May 7 at 12:26pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      Back yet again? You REALLY most have no life, susanz. Are you mentally ill? Do you take medication? Ever been in a padded white room?

      (shakes head) I’d bet my next five paychecks that you’re actually a lonely man, living in the basement and surrounded by all manner of porn, filth, and literally reeking of cat piss and shit.

      I feel sorry for you, susanz … you’re so bitter and angry and mean. How pathetic you really must be in life outside the Internet … to come on here and continually hurl the nastiest abuse of someone you don’t even actually know; thousands of people seeing your comments on here, looking at you … thinking how desperate you are for attention.

      It’s sort of sad.

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      • susanz 

        Oh, I do love all this attention you give me, even if I don’t bother to read more than the first two or three words you write. *yawn*

        Hey, at least I’ve never stripped for dollars! HAHAHA!

        May 6 at 8:37pm  / Log in to Reply
        • joystar636 

          Nene has lived and learned and she keeps climbing. She’s never hidden her past. Who are you “miss I ve never stripped for dollars” What’s your status at the bank? Just another Internet hater! Now run along, SEAT DOWN and go play with your toys dummy!!

          May 6 at 9:22pm  / Log in to Reply
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            joystar636 –

            susanz is too stupid to play with toys even. He/she/it just knows how to spew nonsensical rhetoric … reminds me of Pavlov’s dogs, actually.

            May 6 at 10:34pm
        • Quentin W. Buetow 

          Apparently you’re reading every word. You’re still responding even AFTER you stated the last TEN times that I was “too stupid”, “too racist”, and “too fuckin’ dumb” to get to you.

          UMMM … looks like I’m intellectually spankin’ that nasty ass of yours all over this site, punkin, ’cause ya keep respondin’. You’re MY bitch … not the other way around, shit-for-brains. You’re too fuckin’ dense to understand and comprehend the simple fact that the more YOU post, the more I respond … and work you.

          Look at you. All worked up, frothy, sweaty, and pissy … I DID THAT. (grinnin’) Bet ya feel fuckin’ stupid now, huh? Go sit ya simple-minded, feeble ass down and shut the fuck up, you wannabe ‘hood, ratchet-ass fool.

          May 6 at 10:38pm  / Log in to Reply
        • Quentin W. Buetow 

          What … you ain’t gots no more to say, ya mangy-ass mutt? I shook you up THAT bad? LMGDFAO.

          Good, don’t make me swat that ugly-ass nose of yours again. Now, go take your sad, pathetic ass elsewhere, ya cheap-ass penny whore. Go stand out on the corner and suck some dick for some quarters, nickels, and dimes … ‘cos that’s REALLY all your nasty ass is worth, susanz.


          May 7 at 12:29pm  / Log in to Reply
          • susanz 

            Quentin. Go see a psychiatrist. I can see you foaming at the mouth, and I’m laughing my ass off. You are one sick hombre, buddy. AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

            May 7 at 6:14pm
    • DaHotNig 

      One thing is for sure, you are a true bum bitch with too much time on your hands! Get a knife and fall on it you stank bitch! Nene has made more money than you will EVER see!

      May 7 at 6:27am  / Log in to Reply
    • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

      Wow! Another uneducated person, who comes on a BLOG that is created for someone they dont like… and yet, they made a concious decision to come and spend their time on here!

      All haters on here are related… cause their last name is “Nobody”

      May 7 at 9:17am  / Log in to Reply
    • Joanne Hester 

      why the negative remark is not even true, I know every body has a opinion, but why do people have to be mean and try to degrade someone.

      May 7 at 2:17pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Joanne Hester 

      I know everyone has their own opinion, but why so negative and mean. why do they want to degrade someone

      May 7 at 2:19pm  / Log in to Reply
  2. denna@814 

    She’s” Fabolous”get them “Coins Hunni” !

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  3. lane6246 


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  4. mymymarie129@yahoo 

    Ur fabulous and don’t worry about those haters

    May 6 at 3:50pm  / Log in to Reply
  5. Quentin W. Buetow 

    Mrs. Leakes, you are amazing. Personally, I think you’re an intelligent, wise, and savvy business woman with ethics and a very shrewd personality.

    Here’s to you: do what you and do it well.

    May 6 at 5:33pm  / Log in to Reply
    • susanz 

      Dang your head is deep up her fat ass!

      May 7 at 6:31am  / Log in to Reply
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        susanz… since you’re super skinny, can you show up your figure in a 2 piece like Nene did on the show? Just show us your instagram.. cause I know you have one! Since you have a supermodel body.. can you show us?

        When you ready, you just let us know!

        May 7 at 9:20am  / Log in to Reply
        • Quentin W. Buetow 

          Darryl … susanz is just like all the rest of these crazy folks that come on here and hurl insults. He/she/it is obviously mentally ill and has anger management issues. I’ve been dealing with unfortunate simple-minded fool for a couple of months now. He/she/it just doesn’t get it.

          It’s amusing to work him/her/it up to a frothy snarl …

          May 7 at 12:26pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        WOOF, mothafucka. Go choke on a dick and die, bitch. Feel me?

        May 7 at 12:24pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        HEY, MUTTLEY! When ya gon’ bring ya wheezy-ass back on here and get some more, huh? What … I scare you off? Say it ain’ so, susanz!!! Lil’ ol’ me? NAH. Can’t be.

        May 7 at 4:50pm  / Log in to Reply
        • susanz 


          May 7 at 6:15pm  / Log in to Reply
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            I’ve reduced you to mono-syllabic speech, I see. I guess this ol’ country-ass, corn-fed white boy got you ALLLLLLL shook and shit, huh?

            Po’ thang. Come on back, Muttley … you’re amusin’ me.

            May 8 at 4:02am
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            So … you ARE a man, after all. Pretending to be a woman, too.

            Pathetic, mutt-face. You just exposed yourself to everyone here, too. So, Muttley … my work here is done. Oh, I’ll still shadow your silly ass. Every time you post up on this site, I’ll be right there behind you.

            Games up, punkin … I shook you to the point that you dropped your guard. I got to you. Me … the white boy from Texas.

            I’ll be seein’ you around, susanz. I’ll never let you forget who I am.

            May 8 at 8:07am
    • Joanne Hester 

      I agree feel the same way. I read your book a few years ago enjoyed it. It was a good read! Best of luck to you Nene May the Lord keep on blessing you!

      May 7 at 2:25pm  / Log in to Reply
  6. Cassie Dimetessa 

    Nene looks great! That’s why I want her to concentrate on her career and forget about those jealous HW women.

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  7. Julie Pacheco 

    Nene you look fabulous!!

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  8. Roya'le Little 


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  9. Roya'le Little 


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  10. Amutenya 

    Im Nene Leakes,,, I do me,, u go gal,,, when 1 door closes another 1 open,, bloop

    May 6 at 11:17pm  / Log in to Reply
  11. Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

    Nene Leakes Blog… thats what Im talking about! hehehe. Hey Nene, I like the new look and the diversity you have. I dont think the other Housewifes could be as quick to chop n change the way you do and keep it real at the same time!

    I am a huge, HUGE fan.. and I just want to say to you… Stay on RHOA! hahaha. Honestly… you have become part of that Brand. Since the inception of the show, back in the way back… and it is your platform to be you Nene.

    All these other gigs, shows, opportunities that you have are amazing, and Im proud of your achievements as any Fan would be. However, RHOA is where you get to express who you are, in all your realness.. with haters and lovers, left, right and centre.

    Let RHOA be your platform to showcase that Nene we love, and let all these other opportunities help build your already amazing career.

    I am a true fan, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! To all you haters, who may come and leave a comment on this… guess what… “I said what I said” and you can take that, blow with the wind, catch a bus, have a seat or take a hike.. either way you wanna go… just go! BLOOP!!

    May 7 at 9:32am  / Log in to Reply
  12. Karen Jones 

    Sum her up in one word..AWESOME.. Nene is my girl. No matter how they try they cannot bring her down. She seems to get stronger the more the do. So I say to all the haters keep it coming you are helping her all the way to the bank!!!!!

    May 7 at 4:51pm  / Log in to Reply
  13. susanz 

    Go Neighne!!

    May 7 at 6:16pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      You would understand “neigh”, wouldn’t you? You’re sorta gettin’ lame with your comments and insults, Muttley. What’s up with that? Am I wearin’ you down? Smackin’ that big broad ass of yours too much?

      It’s almost as if you’re back on your meds, susanz. All calm, sedate, and shit …

      You already know how this is all gon’ play out, right? Every time you post, I’m gon’ be right there, sayin’ all the same shit, Cousin It.

      Get use to it. You’re my mission. Come on out the closet, Muttley. Show us the REAL you. ;-)

      May 7 at 11:00pm  / Log in to Reply
  14. HairbyShaunda 

    Looking great miss Nene girl!!! One day , SOON!! I will style your hair!! #hairbyshaunda

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