Ending Season Six of RHOA

Season six ended just the way many wanted? with foolery and the negativity of women sitting on the same couch belittling each other! Many find it entertaining but I found it negative and sad at times!

Yes I am a part of this circle and I take full responsibility for my actions! Did I just say that? LOL! Before you start rolling your eyes and poppin your gums, no one is perfect! When the season started I had just married my love, Gregg, and come off an amazing high right into a bunch of drama! It was a downer for me to say the least! I found myself working with women who lie, try to steal husbands, friends, buy boyfriends and cry with lawn mower voices! Wow what people will do for 2 dollars and 50 cents! All this became so draining to me!

Look I am definitely a straight shooter with no chaser! I give it to you direct! No harm intended and I don’t apologize just for the sake of it! If I believe in something strongly I don’t see the need to! I tend to say what many are thinking and I just don’t practice lying! I am all about a good shade-throwing moment, but throwing fists as grown women is crazy to me!

Although I found this season to be draining, I actually learned a lot! I learned that TV friendships are just made for TV so thank God I have real friends! I learned that snakes are no longer in the grass, they are on TV and in designer clothing! I learned that no matter how successful I become, I will always have critics amongst this group of women! Lastly, I learned that what don’t kill ya will definitely make you stronger! Oh and I didn’t know that the gays own the word Queen now! Interesting Ummhmmmm!

This has truly been a learning experience for me, but now I want to focus on my upcoming performance in Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity June 27th through July 1st and the launching of my clothing line on HSN in July!

Now with that said, I will have you know that this blog has been brought to you by Nene Leakes, meaning that this is my opinion and if you don’t like it, too bad! I said what I said and I won’t be changing it #SHADE

~ NeNe Leakes



  1. Olivia Simmons 


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    • MrHappy 

      Yes Nene. Speak. Good girl!!!!

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      • Aja Overton-Gonzalez 

        What I don’t understand is why the majority of the housewives shade Nene when ever possible. They go on talk shows talk all kind of trash but Nene can’t say nothing. In the last reunion show Kandi tried to check Nene on the show about mention her mama. News flash Kandi, was your momma not on the show acting a fool. You sure didn’t mind using that as a storyline. But Nene can’t say nothing? How bout this, your momma shouldn’t be featured on the show if you don’t want her spoke about, Nobody else’s momma is on the show. I also find it funny that Kenya and Kandi thinks their the stars of the show. All the girls except Phaedra got offended about Nene’s comment about them not being on their level, news flash bitches, Nene makes way more per episode than ya’ll and be all in Hollywood doing her thing, y’all not on her level. Also, Kandi be ridding on her Xscape fame, and her music writing credits and thinks she’s the top bitch because of that. You were not even relevant until RHOA. Last time I seen you, you was shaking your ass in some booty shorts with E40 and Tpain. Besides that making wack ass songs with people doing low budget videos. Kandi you should be showing Nene all the respect. You know you aint got it like that, bow down bitches. What I loved is when Nene offered to match Kenya 20 g’s for charity, did you see that washed up beauty queens face #priceless. The only housewive that shows Nene any respect and acts like a lady is Phaedra. Everybody else is on some jealous ego shit. I hope you refuse to shoot with Kenya Moore, and Kandi until she gets her mind right and shows some respect.

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        • Amutenya 

          U just spoke my exact words,,, Kandi had been jealous of Nene from day 1,, she tried so hard to break up Nene and Kim by taking Nene out of tardy for the party song,,, we all Nene is the 1 that suggested the song for Kim..hahaa Kandi sue Kim but got served..Kandi always talk about how successful she is in music,,, but her albums aren’t nr.1..haahaa,, I can’t wait for nene to reach 100 million dollar,, which she will soon if not already,,,, love me someNene L

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          • lmishelle43 

            Not trying to be funny, but NeNe has a LOOOOONNNNGGG way to go before reaching 100 million, so she is NOT there already. 5 million is not a lot of money now a days. Its like 500,000. Also Kandi is worth 42 million. So whether she was on the map or not, those songs were getting her paid well before anyone knew who NeNe Leakes was. Being relevant is being popular this day and age I guess. I think a persons bank account determines their relevancy not popularity. I bet no one knows who Sheldon Adelson is without Googling him, but he is worth billions. I guess he is not relevant because he is not plastered all over the television making a fool of himself, however I think the he is relevant and successful and his NET WORTH shows it. One thing about it is that Kandi will have money coming in for the rest of her life whether RHOA lets her go or not. However, as NeNe has learned, while she bragging about being on two Ryan Murphy shows, that comes and go and if the RHOA goes, so will her relevancy. Her fifteen minutes will finally be up and she will pass the same people she stepped on on the way back down.

            May 7 at 7:34am
          • zaria63 

            I totally agree with with you Imishelle43. Nene is NOT on Kandi’s level. People on here can talk smack all day long about Kandi. It doesn’t change the fact that Nene’s bank account is far more less than Kandi’s. No one knew who Nene Leakes was until RHOA. Kandi don’t wait for offers, she go get them and make them, which makes her a BOSS! And as far as her being jealous since the first time she appeared on RHOA @ Amutenya, you need to go back and pull some footage. Nene was jealous of Kandi! First, not really knowing her but kept judging her and throwing “GHETTO SHADES” her way for no particular reason. And 2nd, Kandi has nothing to do with Kim’s decision on doing that Lame ass song without Nene. She DID ask Kim if she was sure that was the route she wanted to take because Kandi did not agree with it. That was all Kim’s doing, so please go back and review the footage if you can.

            May 7 at 12:32pm
          • kenyabritt 

            @Imishelle43 first off get your fact straight PLEASE. Although Nene’s net worth is not at the same range as Kandi’s it is not 5 million. In fact she is worth 10 million and Kandi’s net worth is 35 million. Let’s be clear on giving Nene Leakes some credit. For some reason people are constantly comparing Nene’s worth to Kandi. WHY???? YOU CANNOT. Kandi is someone who rose from the MUSIC industry back in the 90′s, and her net worth is 35 million. GIVE NENE SOME CREDIT. This is a woman who has been mainstream in the acting/entertainment
            business for ONLY SIX YEARS and has already gained a net worth of 10 MILLION. So when you think about it she is not that far off from Kandi at all. This also shows how she has utilized her BRAVO stream in the smartest way. Stop comparing the two and GIVE THE WOMAN SOME CREDIT. Realize that Kandi may have already been known in one way, which is through the MUSIC industry, but when it comes to TV and this reality branch, NENE has paved the way for all of the participants on that show! She was the first cast member whom they sought and she introduced them to SHEREE, KIM, AND DESHAUNA. The only person she did not bring on was LISA. So in this realm YES, Kandi should give her a little more respect and the viewers who chime in every week as well. Just recognize what it really is and stop denying it with such negativity. This is why, amongst other reasons, I am a loyal fan of Nene Leakes. I recognize what she has start and what she will not allow anyone to take away from her without the proper recognition she deserves. #BOWDOWNBI*C%ES!!

            May 16 at 4:32pm
        • Joanne Hester 

          I so understand what you are saying. I agree with you! I am disappointed in this show it has been bad at times, but this was so negative. That show where Kenya smoked cigars and was talking to Apollo while the others wives were out, i found disrespectful you look at Apollo and you know he is stupid. Kenya is like wolf going for the kill. I don’t see how she thinks that anyone could look up to her with that behavior. I have to say I haven’t always been a fan of Phaedra, I am now she held herself together and managed to control herself and act like a lady. A few biting remarks she shot at Kenya were well deserved.

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      • liltonka 

        Neenee was always my girl but this season things have changed. Now I understand. ….. yes you did get married again to the love of you l.ife… congrats to love and happiness… but what I didnt understand how much she has changed in this season.so not the same neenee… the change was a little more snooty And tight . Still love u though girl but the attitude has gone so far was to the left. Maybe its all the money you are making.. money does change people.the stuck up version is not cool.old neenee back.

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    • Patricia Holley Snow 


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    • bunnyboo 

      It’s interesting that the show is called Housewives and yet you have the past 4 seasons, you have cry baby ass Kandi who was not a housewife, broke ass sheree, and Kim, then 2 seasons ago you bring on a washed up ratchett ass beauty pageant queen, and apparently could not cut as an actress kenya moore. I have watched this show the past 5 seasons Nene is very opinionated and speaks her mind, if you dont like her or dont like what comes out her mouth then keep it fucking moving. Being on reality tv you dont have to be friends with them ladies if you dont want to. So for the comments on Nene not being friends or cant befriends shut the hell up its a job. I stopped watching in mid season of 6 because of Kenya moore. Nene i love you and keep on doing you, fuck the haters!! Cynthia is a flip flop ass bitch you dont check your sister when she is wrong, and you damn sure dont check peter. Peter should not get involved with female business, you are a BITCH. kandi gets mad a Nene for what everybody on the show expressed , your momma acted a damn fool. All of you fake Bitches need to go, and Mrs. Leakes you dont need or owe Bravo nothing move on to greener pastures!!! Bloop

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      • lee1256 

        I agree with you totally.

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    • kitty45toronto 

      NeNe Leakes unfortunately has not elevated herself in a meaningful way. You Americans are always looking for role models. Here is role model. YOU ARE. Look in the Mirror, are you a good human being; do you do the right thing most of the times. DO YOU TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. If so, you are your own role model. NeNe Leakes as de-evolved. Her ghetto street wise talking go her this far, but she will never truly be a lady until she recognizes that she is not alway right; to keep her mouth shout and act like a lady; be discreet and discerning. And if these words are too big for you, get a dictionary. Nene has stirred so much shirt in Season 6, showed disrespect to cast mates and A. Cohen, that Karma will bite her in her big old black ass. I just hope R. Murphy comes to her rescue. Hosting a Cirque de Soleil may be right you your alley Ms. Nene Leakes

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    • jeanetteiongi 

      I dont agree with any of it. I am actually really sad and disappointed in Ms Nene. You have changed so much. You use to be so fun and funny besides being super fabulous and beautiful. But lets keep it real. You still are if not even more fabulous and beautiful but not fun or funny. You have become cocky and so mean and ugly. You show no remorse for hurting peoples feelings. You hate now and youre so mad. Its very sad. I dont have no interest in following you like we use to. Im just one me well and my family. You probably dont care or youre laughing at this. Or whoever reads for you. Theyre laughing at it and maybe deleting it but how many are you trashing and deleting? I dont care because its how i feel. I said what i said. ?

      May 15 at 5:18pm  / Log in to Reply
    • jeanetteiongi 

      shut the hell up nene. Yes i am rolling my eyes abd popping my gum because you say youre taking responsibility for your acctions but at the same time youre making excuses for your nastt
      Y, negative, ratchett, ugly, rude and disrespectful actions. “THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THE WAY YOU ACTED.” Just OWN it (period). Thank god youre not coming back to RHWOA. I am going to pray you dont change your mind. Manny of us RHWOA VIEWERS ARE PRAYING YOU DONT RETURN BECAUSE ITS OUR FAVORITE SHOW AND YOURE GOING TO RUIN IT FOR ALL OF US.

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  2. ncpardner 

    Love you NeNe!!!! Love your realness……..YOU SAID WHAT YOU SAID!!!!

    May 5 at 6:42pm  / Log in to Reply
    • MrHappy 

      Realness? You mean rudeness. How is that something to be praised. She needs to be respectful and talk like a lady not a tr@mp

      May 6 at 1:14am  / Log in to Reply
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        MrHappy, you sound like MrGrumpy!! This is Nenes Opinion, this is her truth. There is apart of you, that likes this drama and ultimately likes Nene. Cause this is her blog, and if aint a fan of Nene and are part of #teamtwirl, then go and express your views there. We, the audience see only a small percentage of what is really going on! Besides.. you may see it as Rude… I too see this as Realness!

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        • Gloria Kimble 

          Thumbs up Darryl Penn Santana Heather

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        • jeanetteiongi 

          You are 100% right Mr. Happy. #TeamTwirlisTeamReal.

          May 27 at 1:19pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Gloria Kimble 

        I see saying what you feel makes you a tramp. I know it cannot mean that! It may seem rude but if you don’t like don’t come to her blog site. She is entitled to say how she feels just like you are on her blog page being rude to Mrs. Leaks. I would say you must be young to post something like this, but nowadays ignorance comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. Enjoy your day MrHappy

        May 6 at 12:49pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Nini518 

        Kenya is that you? Lol If you don’t like NeNe why come on her site? I love the haters you help keep Mrs. Leakes relevant. You can’t talk about RHOA and not mention her name. I was reading the comments and to the people comparing NeNe and Kandi’s bank accounts to you I say like Capital One what’s in your wallet? When NeNe said they weren’t on her level I believe she said it as in mentally not so much money wise. Besides all the ladies weren’t even at the charity event so it was a general statement. Yes Kandi has money no one disputes that but NeNe is more commercially known than Kandi hands down. If Kandi’s brand was so established she wouldn’t be doing reality tv. I don’t see Beyonce on a reality TV ijs. People do reality tv to expand their brand. Now to my opinion on Kenya just a mess another Sheree. Well she is worse Sheree never wanted another cast members husband. I love NeNe and whether people admit it or not if SHE was not on RHOA the show wouldn’t be the same. Personally the day she leaves I won’t watch anymore.

        May 11 at 1:42am  / Log in to Reply
      • jeanetteiongi 


        May 27 at 1:15pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Joanne Hester 

      She said what she said ! I do appreciate that Nene does own what she says, I would rather have that than someone eating my face up while they spread Lie and untruths about me.

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    • Noturstatsquo 

      Nene- “ncpardner” said it best! WE APPRECIATE AND LOVE YOU! Love that you are frank. Stay true to who you are, YOU ARE THE MOST CONSISTENT!!!!

      May 7 at 5:48am  / Log in to Reply
  3. Mechas79 

    NeNe Leakes you are an enigma. You were the only one on the set who called out Kendra Moore on her behavior for agitating Porsha Stewart. You are so misunderstood. Keep it real!

    May 5 at 6:42pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Joanne Hester 

      you are exactly right

      May 5 at 7:17pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Lcaskey 

        Both of you are wrong. She keeps stirring the pot and making things worst. She keeps instigating and creating drama. BRAVO needs to kick her off the show. It’s real house wives, not old, rude, and irrelevant wives.

        May 6 at 1:33am  / Log in to Reply
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          Lcaskey, why are these 2 people wrong? Because they dont have your limited way of thinking and your views? This is Nene Leakes Blog.. not 43 year old, Kenya Moores Broke Azz irrelevant Blog. Go to where ever Kenya twirls and get caught up in that Mess. Nene is what has made this franchise what it is from inception.. so.. like it or not… its the way it is! I said what I said.. and now, you can take it, or go and be gone like the wind! TOOT TOOT! BOOP BOOP! BAM!

          May 6 at 8:10am  / Log in to Reply
          • Katina 


            May 6 at 8:33am
          • Gloria Kimble 

            I LOVE YOU Darryl Penn Santana Heather SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN

            May 6 at 1:27pm
        • Knapturally Me 

          Yes, part of the show’s name is “Real Housewives, so explain to me how someone that’s never been a wife, is on this show. She isn’t, has never been, and from all appearances won’t be a housewife, real or otherwise. You want to mention wives being irrelevant, well Ms. Twirl can’t me anymore irrelevant. Let’s take it a step farther up the ladder of irrelevancy. Ms Twirl won a national pageant 20 years ago and its still a major item in her resume’; sadly she hasn’t been able to use it as foundation to be successful in the entertainment world like most have. Guess that’s why its still a major item in her resume’. Hadn’t worked in front of the camera in 10 years before she got on the show. She paid someone to play her boyfriend , she lied about her “African Prince” giving her a Bentley, and she planned to pay an African singer to pretend to be her African Prince. Lastly but not at all least, they say she’s practically broke. This narcissist with bi-polar tendencies biggest claim to fame is a 20 year old title and fostering an image that can be called RATCHET at best. Really, there’s no one more irrelevant to RHOA than Ms Twirl herself, Kenya Moore. BTW, why are you even on Ne Ne’s blog; you need to be on Ms Twirl’s blog. You know what they say about “birds of a feather flocking together” just move on over there so you both can be irrelevant together.

          May 6 at 8:51am  / Log in to Reply
          • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

            I really like the way you write.. we are one in the same! hehe.

            May 6 at 10:23am
          • Best girl 

            Kenya doesn’t like being called out out for her crap but checks up on everyone else’s lives.I feel so sorry for velvet it broke my heart that the 2 legged bitch could’nt care for a lil thing like that. The Bitch was probably in the house twirling in the mirrow,or fantasiging about Apollo.

            May 8 at 11:20am
        • Gloria Kimble 

          Okay Lcaskey Mrs. Leaks is not stirring the pot that would be Kenya so called Miss USA who is older than Porsha and should be setting an example of lady. What Mrs. Leakes stated about Kenya is true and I appreciate that. I really believe that Miss USA is broke and trying to make 2 dollars and 50 cents to create more buzz around her situation. Miss USA is causing drama because she needs money, and is trying to slam Mrs. Leaks in the process. Team NeNe Leaks until the end. LET’S SAY LET MISS FAKE USA GO!!!!

          May 6 at 12:57pm  / Log in to Reply
  4. lynnaghedo 

    Preach NeNe you have said it like it is. Everyone has had their fair share of shade this year. Kenya Moore is so jealous of you she is trying to do everything and every show you have done to become as successful as you have. Not going to happen. I hope Porsha come back.

    May 5 at 6:50pm  / Log in to Reply
    • MrHappy 

      Kenya is beautiful and a lady. That’s how Nene should act. She needs to take lessons from Kenya.

      May 6 at 1:15am  / Log in to Reply
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        Your comments to discredit Nene will never work. Cause no matter what people say about Nene, she will own it, take it for what it is and move on! Kenya should take lessons from Nene, that even if you started from the lowest job, if you have the drive and determination, you can do anything and be anyone! Please note, that Nene is not far from reaching 2Million followers on Twitter, more than any Housewife in history. Kenya, mmm.. 200K or something.

        Also, Did you know that Kenya made a deal with a local car dealer for that expensive car? Even though she told the whole of the country, that her “Invisible” African Prince got it for her? That, Kenyas Landlord filed and won her case, cause Kenya was late on 15 rent payments, and didnt turn up to her court hearing? That Kenya hired her onscreen boyfriend Walter, and then when he didnt propose to her, all of a sudden he was gay! There are many things you think you know, and yet… you, like Kenya, have this way of lying to think you can manipulate our opinions on what is truth! At least Nene owns it when the Stripper thing comes up, or when her Mug Shot is mentioned. Shes knows that this is her past, and that is where she leaves it! Kenya, denies everything, and tries to include herself in everyones story! Kenyas only storyline, is.. I was a Miss USA, I have done a few Calendars, been in afew Movies with Minor Parts and have been on afew TV series. That is the truth!! Point! Blank! Period!

        May 6 at 8:24am  / Log in to Reply
      • caramelcutie75 

        Oh, hellz to the no! I was just reading the comments, both positive and negative, and I wasn’t going to comment on ANY of them, until I saw YOUR comment. If you think that ANYONE should carry or conduct themselves like Kenya, then you are more DELUSIONAL than she is. Rather than pampering her with comments that seem to make her “human”, how about you pamper her with the one think that she fails to accept, and that’s THE TRUTH! You can put garbage in a scented bag, but honey, it’s still garbage! And that about sums up Kenya.
        While I may not always agree with Nene, I respect her for speaking the truth. She says what she means, means what she says, and she stands firm on what she says. No backpeddling. But that’s ALL Kenya does. She INSTIGATES, INSINUATES, LIES, AND PERPETRATES, all in the name of what? My husband used to adore her, now he sees her as some psycho, and he’s not far from the truth. Kenya needs to seek help, and I’m not trying to be funny, that child needs some serious help.
        Finally, she needs to stop playing the “That’s not Christian-like” card. Christians are not perfect, they make mistakes, too. But it’s HOW Christians handle problems that make them Christian. If she wants to tell someone that their not being “Christian-like”, then she may want to pick up a Bible, and maybe find that her antics are not “Christian-like” either. Picking fights, bullying, lying, not respecting the sanctity of marriage…man, to make a long story short, THAT SKEEZER HAS ISSUES.

        May 6 at 9:05am  / Log in to Reply
      • Gloria Kimble 


        May 6 at 1:02pm  / Log in to Reply
      • jeanetteiongi 

        Kenya all day#TeamTwirlisTeamReal.

        May 27 at 1:23pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Toni Jones 

      Your exactly right! All the ladies should use this platform for their selves. What yours is yours and no one can take it from you. Every lady has a platform except Kenya. If she is Smart she would focus on herself and do things that represent a (so called beautiful lady) person who has a national spot on tv and everyone is looking and waiting for her to bring it. I think people would rally around her and want the best even if their is still shade.

      May 6 at 7:20am  / Log in to Reply
  5. 2qute4u 

    NeNe I absolutely love you! Kenya is a fake wanna be shadow who would kill to be you! She has no story line and quite frankly I can’t figure out why she’s there! All she brings us is unnecessary drama and it’s getting old. Keep being you and stay real !

    May 5 at 6:52pm  / Log in to Reply
    • ann 

      That is why Nene’s head is so BIG as it is- people like you keep lying to her. The people who agree with Nene must be her puppets on a string. The way Nene talk to Andy and anyone else for that matter is awful. Andy needs to fired Nene and see where will she be without this show.

      May 6 at 10:32am  / Log in to Reply
      • mzblubeauty 

        And you need spell check. Who comes on here mad about how she spoke to the host? In the words of a common phrase used on one of the MANY other shows Nene has helped put on the map “YOURE FIRED, NOW GO”

        May 6 at 2:39pm  / Log in to Reply
  6. mzmonica2u30 

    I can agree and I was very sadden and over the foolishness of that reunion show. Once the fight happened and Andy felt it was Porsha who should appoligize, but it was ok for Kenya to be a bully. Bravo got what they wanted and I can no longer watch our black women be their pawns. I will not watch the show any longer.

    May 5 at 6:54pm  / Log in to Reply
    • MrHappy 

      The only pawn is Nene. Falling into the producers antics and acting a fool. She gives us a bad name. We have enough stereo types about us, and she keeps adding to them my acting ignorant. Get over yourself Nene. Your scene has ended!!!

      May 6 at 1:18am  / Log in to Reply
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        Here we go with MrHappy again.. and his negative comments! Say what you like, but Nene will always have a scene. She is what makes RHOA relevant. All the other ladies can roll their eyes, and whisper sweet nothings till the cows come in. This will not change what is the truth. Since inception, RHOA has had the pleasure of Nene, and Naynay.. and guess what?? This is her show, whether you like it or not. Put yourself in everyones shoes, and given the situation and the part Nene plays.. I agree with everything Nene says. She even admits her delivery is not always the best, however, at that time.. it came out that way. She cant change it, and even if she said sorry.. that still doesnt change it. MrHappy… Im starting to think you like Nene, cause this is the third post from you in 4mins, on Nenes blog. You should go now, and be gone with and like the wind.

        May 6 at 8:34am  / Log in to Reply
  7. PleezChild 

    NeNe, I wish that they would have thrown Kenya off, but I know that because she manufacturers drama they chose to keep her on the show. Andy was so far up her behind that it was pathetic. She was dead wrong for using a bullhorn and Andy should have stopped it. I don’t condone violence, but she provoked it. And, so true about the use of the word Queen. Get over it folks, others have been called worse for 260 years!

    May 5 at 6:57pm  / Log in to Reply
  8. bfs 

    I’m glad that you don’t flip flop like some of your cast members. And that Kenya Moore lord have mercy, that woman is the lowest of the low! She chased Apollo all season then when confronted crickets! And the masquerade ball, she made a big deal of your speech but didn’t even donate. That funk box is a mess! I wonder why she can’t get her own man? It must be the ugliness that’s inside her. Her former landlord should sue that hoe for twirling around in her wedding dress! I know she would have received a beat down if it was my wedding dress! I hope she does quit because she makes the show low down and dirty. Flirting will her Co workers husband is sleezy!!! Miss ratchet USA!!!! You go Nene!!

    May 5 at 6:58pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Lcaskey 

      There’s a difference between not flip flopping, and compromising for your friends. Meeting them half way, and showing respect. Nene has none of the above. That’s is why her career will dry out, just like her dry skin.

      May 6 at 1:36am  / Log in to Reply
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        Lcaskey… Lcaskey… Lcaskey!! You are commenting on someones Blog that will apparently dry up? However, she seems relevant enough for you to come on here more than twice in 3mins to leave your negative comments. So.. ummm… your post doesnt make sense whatsoever! Here is one from Tamar and Nene… ” Get yo life, have several seats, close your legs to married men and BLOOP! “

        May 6 at 8:43am  / Log in to Reply
        • GOREE 

          Darryl!!!! I love you!!! co-sign!! :)

          May 6 at 1:00pm  / Log in to Reply
          • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

            hey Goree! Lets get it!!! hehe

            May 8 at 5:37am
    • Danyel Rowe Walton 

      I agree with you! I am happy to see the things that NENE say affects so many. Especially, when she says the ish others want to say, but don’t. Cynthia has a big, big mouth and is a trouble maker. All season I have watched her start things and her husband Peter all up in the business too much to be a man. Not Cool! I agree with Nene for putting him on blast because he has no right to in a females faces talking ish. My husband would want to beat him down too. Right on Greg. As far as Kenya she a trouble maker too. I was happy to see everyone make her look stupid. She is petty.

      May 6 at 8:58pm  / Log in to Reply
  9. collins6501 

    NeNe-keep being you! I hope you stay on the show and I hope they get rid of Kenya. She brings nothing to show. I know that reality tv can be a little scripted. However, she takes the cake! I think her lies are so fake and she should do another kind of show not reality. Nothing about her is real-not the car she drives, no man, not the house she lives in…nothing real! NeNe stay! You deserve all you have…I hope all Housewives stay but Kenya needs to leave….

    May 5 at 6:59pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Joanne Hester 

      I too would like to see Kenya Kenya go.

      May 5 at 7:19pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        count me in… where do i sign? LOL

        May 6 at 10:32am  / Log in to Reply
  10. Corliss V. Holly 

    Love you girl. I’m glad you peeled Cynthia out. Better late than never. And Kandi is Bella jealous of yours and Phaedra being cordial to each other. I wonder why? Hmmmm.

    May 5 at 7:02pm  / Log in to Reply
    • jaybird423 

      Explain why Kandi would have any reason to be jealous of Nene. Kandi could buy every one of those other cast members without even going into her savings. Kandi has been working hard and long since long before Nene ever dreamed of getting off that pole.

      And Fakedra has no choice but to be nice with her felon husband back on trial again.

      Cynthia peeled Nene off. Get it right. That’s why nene is so pissed and going after her like that. Nene isn’t such a good person anymore.

      May 6 at 12:45am  / Log in to Reply
      • erricka 

        So what you doing Jaybird423. Talking out of both sides of your mouth?! You leave a comment defending NeNe. Now your talking about her?!

        May 6 at 9:04am  / Log in to Reply
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          Have a seat errelevant erricka! People cant change their opinions?? #getacluebitch #youaintGOD

          May 6 at 10:17am  / Log in to Reply
      • Ida Mclin 

        WELL SAID

        May 6 at 10:16am  / Log in to Reply
      • Corliss V. Holly 

        Reread my comment. I meant “peeped” Cynthia out. And Kandi is “hella” jealou that NeNe and Phaedra seem to be getting along. Nobody said Kandi was jealous of NeNe did I? Pay attention please! Kandi’s comment is what got her and NeNe screaming at each other in the first place. Kandi said it’s not like NeNe to run away from a fight which was BS. When has Kandi EVER seen NeNe get into a physical fight? When? This is exactly what NeNe said about people making ignorant statements and Kandi is real good at it. And I don’t give a ratz azz how much money she got. MYOB if you don’t want it coming back on you.

        May 6 at 1:41pm  / Log in to Reply
        • Amutenya 

          I feel sorry for Todd,,, coz the only reason Kandi is marrying him is because she wants him to help herto produce shows,,, that bitch can kill for money,, she tried Kim but got served,,, I hope Todd give her the test of her own medicine, ,,

          May 7 at 12:25am  / Log in to Reply
  11. Jennifer Wingate 


    May 5 at 7:03pm  / Log in to Reply
  12. erricka 

    NeNe you are full of ISH! All you seem to talk about now is money. You will NEVER prosper with that attitude. You may be up today but, come hell or high water, you will fall. Your attitude has reached a new altitude, and it’s not cute! You should NEVER forget from whence you come. You definitely have seem to forgotten. I don’t hold peoples past against them at all, but I feel when you’ve been blessed you should always, pass it on, and remain humble. Money is not the end all be all! At the end of the day, we’re all going to end up in the same place, and NO amount of money can change that, nor can you take it with you. Last but not least, learn how to admit your wrong without such a defensive attitude, when you do that, it doesn’t feel genuine. You need to really check yourself, and eat you a big piece of HUMBLE pie. You’ll never win when you play dirty!!! ( Practice what you preach). I’m done!

    May 5 at 7:03pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Lynswan 

      Bitch! Shut yo ass up & cancel yo account, you raggedy haired hoe. Plz dnt come here being disrespectful!!

      May 5 at 7:47pm  / Log in to Reply
      • jaybird423 

        yes, show us how stupid you are and how few words you carry in your pathetic vocabulary. she can have any opinion she likes so sit down.

        May 6 at 12:42am  / Log in to Reply
        • erricka 

          Drink bleach!

          May 6 at 8:58am  / Log in to Reply
        • Knapturally Me 

          I’ve never been on any other housewives blog page except this one. I don’t have a problem with any of them, I just don’t go on their pages. I can’t see myself registering on a blog of anyone that I’m not a fan of so I can comment. Seems to be a total waste of time to me. But, then again if your favorite cast member isn’t doing any thing other than being boring and ratchet, I guess I’d stalk another cast member’s page as well.

          May 6 at 9:22am  / Log in to Reply
          • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

            Very well spoken, and you didnt have to use fowl language like Errelevant.. i mean Erricka. I think her last name is Nobody! LOL

            hahaha@boring and ratchet. Love it! Funny.. and yet so true!

            May 6 at 10:14am
      • erricka 

        Chew Glass hoe!

        May 6 at 8:59am  / Log in to Reply
        • erricka 

          You’re just as ignorant as NeNe. That’s why Black people so fucked up now because you approve the stupid shit!

          May 6 at 9:01am  / Log in to Reply
          • Janet Jackson 


            May 6 at 9:25am
          • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

            So Black people are f***ed up because of Nene and someone approving something?

            Wow. You are so uneducated to think such a thing!

            Read a book once in a while, but first.. start with the Bible!

            May 6 at 10:26am
          • Gloria Kimble 


            May 6 at 1:09pm
          • Gloria Kimble 


            May 6 at 1:10pm
    • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

      Unfortunately, you have not read Nenes blog properly. Nor have you done any research concerning Nene. If you did, you would know that she has addressed issues like the Mug Shot, Stripping etc. She knows where she came from, and she knows where she is headed. There is a reason Nene is as high as she is, cause she has been through it all. Shes acts a certain way, cause she has built a name for herself now, and she will let no one take that from her! Is that a bad thing? No! Its like anything that you work hard for.. why would you let anyone try to ruin that? I do think you need to have some of that humble pie, actually.. take the whole cake tin and sit there and check yourself. Express your views else where.. cause you look like an attention seeker saying all of this here. And who is she paying it back too… to the strip club that paid her to strip so she could have a roof over her head and food to eat??? Get outta here. She donates to Charities all the time. That is apart of giving back!! She worked hard on her own to be where she is, she owes no one nothing!

      May 6 at 8:57am  / Log in to Reply
      • erricka 

        No Sir, attention seeker I’m not. My problem with NeNe is not that she doesn’t “give back”. It’s her attitude. You cannot just treat people any way and not expect the same in return. I’m sure your momma has told you, treat people like you want to be treated! I’m all for people working hard for what they want, however, you cannot reach a certain level of success and become brand new with those that were there for. That’s what I’m saying. Now everything with her is about Money! Money and success means NOTHING if you have no one to share it with. And one by one, she’s eliminating those that genuinely gave a shit about her. Kandi told her right. You do shit, and it’s okay. But when it’s done to you, you don’t like it. With that said, all I can say is sit back and watch. I’ve seen it happen too many times, your fall will happen faster than your rise. Karma is real! Whatever you put out into the universe, will come back to you. That’s FACT!

        May 6 at 9:13am  / Log in to Reply
        • Janet Jackson 

          Yep. So right. All of that ugly-acting b.s., even YOUR EMPLOYERS WILL NOT FUCK WITH YOU EVENTUALLY. And she’s DISSING ANDY COHEN asking him “Do you want me to KISS YOUR AZZ???” Wow. I thought that was so disrespectful – and doesn’t Andy Cohen have a voice in who gets fired/hired?? She just acted so UGLY – I couldn’t STAND her. And how she acted towards Kandi about the Mama Joyce thing was REALLY DISGUSTING

          May 6 at 9:35am  / Log in to Reply
          • champion6 

            I I agree with everything you said Janet Jackson, NeNe need to calm down. Her attitude stinks this season,and she is asking for more money,for what, let her go Andy and lets see how much she makes then because she thinks she better than all the other housewives but she is not,

            May 27 at 5:55am
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          Here is Fact.. just so you get the much needed education that your brain requires to understand fully the new few sentences!


          1 – You are an attention seeker, cause this is a Nene Leakes Blog site… and you are a Non-Fan of Nene Leakes. confusing?

          2 – Give back to???? Oh.. all the different Charities that she donates to every year without fail to help Women of all ages and races who are dealing with a number of different issues from domestic violence to education. Hmmm.. okay!

          3 – Treating people a certain way – even though we have seen Nene apologise on Bravos Website and even on past episodes! Then people want to fire back after the fact, to stay relevant?? Nene is a straight shooter.. you do her wrong, expect the same back.

          4 – Who was there for Nene during her success that she needs to pay homage too? Who out of those ladies is paying for her to live, eat, the roof over her head, the clothes on her back. Who?

          5 – Money, Money, Money – Guess what? A portion of that Money, Money , Money goes to families who need it most. The Mothers of this world who have kids, or need a second chance, or need a place to sleep, food in their stomachs. So she can do whatever with her Money, its no ones concern. Are you giving thousands of dollars to strangers who need help? I bet you have walked past that man, who had a sign saying “change for food” and then went home and had a hot meal.

          6 – Money and Success – She has Gregg and the kids to share it with… not to mention the number of Charities that she supports year after year.

          7 – Karma will come back to Nene, from all the families that she has helped along the way. I dont think you understand just how much Gregg and Nene give to their community and to those in need. Maybe you should research more, and you will know the truth. Cause Karma has already come to Nene, cause we are here looking a Blog, that Nene Leakes has.. and not you!

          8 – Thats a wrap… and my those are my 7 facts! BLOOP!

          May 6 at 10:08am  / Log in to Reply
          • erricka 

            You don’t know what I have! You’ve seen my shit and don’t even know it! Now how’s that?! BLOOP!

            May 6 at 10:18am
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          Dont need to see your s**t.. cause it stinks!

          Trust me.. you dont have much, or anything I want. If you speak the way you speak, and in the manner you have. Its clear, that you would have nothing I want! *smiles* hehehe

          Oh.. how you just threw in the towel like that, was proof enough!

          May 6 at 10:29am  / Log in to Reply
          • mzblubeauty 

            Idk about anyone else, but I vote Nene jus brings Darryl Penn Santana Heather along full time to thro shade for her! Talk about true fan. Tell it like it is boo #loveit

            May 6 at 2:46pm
      • erricka 

        @ Darryl, No Asshole! I didn’t say black people were fucked up because of NeNe! And, no I’m not using the little stupid ass symbols in place of a letter, I’m using the profanity. I don’t give a shit if you like it or Nah!!! LMAO! Why use symbols. You’re still saying the same damn thing. Anyway, I said they’re fucked up because people like her, approve stupid shit like what NeNe’s doing! Dummy! I believe you’re the one that needs to further your education. I will run grammatical circles around your ass lil’ boy! You’re bitch probably reading my book now! You know NOTHING about me. Yes, I said know nothing. Incorrect grammar, but I know the difference I wrote it that way so your DUMB ASS would understand! BLOOP!

        May 6 at 3:29pm  / Log in to Reply
        • mzblubeauty 

          @erricka you clearly dont have much because you are spending your days on the blog of a woman you claim to be disgusted by. If you dont like her, dont respect her or whatever your complaint is, fine, keep it moving. Your being on here trying to challenge or argue with those of us who do support Nene just shows how little you actually have. Lets think logically, you claim despise Nene so much that you read her blog, create an account on her page and criticize her and her fans, not just once but continuously? Funny thing is all the ‘nay sayers’ are on here talking about Nene being a bully, rude etc yet they signed up for her blog to hypocritically do the same thing they have accused her of. And actually are getting upset when her fans defend her! Why spend so much time out of your busy life full of so many great things, as you said, to come on here and debate with us ignorant people who just must not know any better about someone you think to be so horrible…mmmm seems like its a waste of your valuable time

          May 6 at 5:38pm  / Log in to Reply
          • erricka 

            @mzbluebeauty. Screw you, Screw NeNe, and all the rest of you dumb ass “FAN”atics! Y’all riding this hoe, and she couldn’t give two shits about any of you. She’s very rude to her “FAN”atics in the streets. Y’all don’t even know that. Y’all some dummies!

            May 6 at 8:40pm
          • mzblubeauty 

            @erricka and thank you for proving my point. We are the dummies yet you continue to eagerly watch this site waiting to curse her fans with your highly intelligent vernacular as though with just enough name calling or swearing you will change someone’s views. Well let me be the first to thank you for putting Nene and my fellow fans so high on your priority lists. I know it must be really difficult for you to go on with you full important life knowing you didnt “set Nene and her fans straight”.

            Thanks again

            ‘some dummies’

            May 6 at 10:09pm
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          Here is why I say uneducated!

          Ready? Cause this is a Nene Leakes Blog… and you mentioned that anyone can write a f***ing Blog in another response to me… then why are you here? Also, you a mentioned you have your own website??? Well, go there and express your views there… oh… hold on… no goes to your site… so you will be expressing your words to yourself… haha… thats sad!! *ahem*

          Tell you what… let us know the name of your Blog, cause I dont like you very much… but hey, I might just create a user account, and then start throwing shade at you, cause I dont like you… however, I will make a concious decision, to type in your website address… then just stay there all day and comment on why you’re irrelevant!!

          Now, doesn’t that sound like the most stupidest thing to do, when you don’t like someone? Oh wait.. but you are doing it here on Nene Leakes Blog!! Geee.. that makes you….. oh.. hmmm!

          Do you get it now? Or you need me to elaborate on this more?

          May 7 at 8:54am  / Log in to Reply
  13. Chemistpharmd 

    Like what you wrote nene… Very truthful and forward… Keep reaching out to fans though, or you will lose everything you’ve worked so hard for. Give no energy or attention to kenya and show her who’s the star through your actions not your words. Much love nene !! Reel it back in and go back to the woman we all love. Don’t let the girls change the awesome girl you are… Blessings to you and Greg and good luck with zumanity!

    If Cynthia and you were meant to be friends against be one day it will happen… #richbitch

    May 5 at 7:03pm  / Log in to Reply
  14. Gmomma Carla Godfrey 

    well NeNe its been a learning experience for me as well being 45 turning 46 on the 14th , i learn people see and read what they want opposed to what you wrote or said,kenya’s do have 99 problem and dick is 1 and phaedra read her,shes just a hood rat looking for CHEESE. cynthia is spineless happy your dismissing her i dont do trader’s thats just me if your my friend than we ride or die,to the wheels fall off,gay’s change there titles to much for me. hell im confused ,and peter will alway’s act like a bitch and i think poor porsha got a bad rap, she could learn a lot from you business women and kandi cry to damn much and air to much of there personal business,and if you ever leave i WILL stop watching it,oh and HATER’S GONNA ALWAYS HATER THEY WISH THEY WERE YOU ,POINT —– PERIOD. BYE NENE LEAKS

    May 5 at 7:05pm  / Log in to Reply
  15. Shira 

    I Love you NeNe since day 1 you always kept it real! I can’t wait to see you on the next season, but can u just 1 time kick somebody ass so u can shut Kandi mouth up talking about you ran from Share! He’ll Share ass ain’t even worth fighting but I think Marlo needed her ass kicked! We’ll I guess we will see if u put Kandi on hush mouth!!!!! Bloop!

    May 5 at 7:06pm  / Log in to Reply
  16. sugacore 

    I’m pretty sure your the one always going around talking about how much money you make, how successful you are and that nobody is on your level. Then when someone tells you the TRUTH about YOURSELF, you just deny till the day you die. And you seem to not know the definition of respect. You can tell someone what you think without being disrespectful…. #geturlife.

    May 5 at 7:07pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Juanitaty2009 

      So what she talks about her money thats her buisness she probably aren’t the only one talk about money and all of them can be disrespectful at time thats just her personality you either like it or love it !!!!!

      May 5 at 7:34pm  / Log in to Reply
      • sugacore 

        Exactly my point… She shouldn’t be so contradictory and talk ish about others doing the SAME thing she doin. Duh.

        May 5 at 9:22pm  / Log in to Reply
        • sugacore 

          & maybe u shoulda read my comment under this… At 7:09, before making an ignorant comment. With ur over usage of exclamations. Lol #geturlife!!!!!

          May 5 at 9:25pm  / Log in to Reply
          • Lcaskey 

            I agree sugacore. Nene needs to tone it down and not be so narcissistic. She has NO reason to like that or act idiotic.

            May 6 at 1:30am
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        OMG Sugacore.. look who approved your message… its Erricka!

        I think her last name is Nobody!

        May 6 at 9:50am  / Log in to Reply
    • erricka 

      @SUGACORE, I APPROVE this message!

      May 6 at 9:17am  / Log in to Reply
    • Corliss V. Holly 

      So does Kandi’s mother and her manager.

      May 6 at 1:45pm  / Log in to Reply
  17. Yolanda Daniel 

    DAY 1, REALNESS IS ALL I NEEDED. I was born and raised in the A, and I love the way You do You. NEVER CHANGE. NeNe, I admire you. Looking forward to #neverlettingthemseeyoucoming, #thetruth, #incontrol.

    May 5 at 7:07pm  / Log in to Reply
  18. sugacore 

    P.s. I loved nene before the bighead. There’s nothing wrong with bragging about ur accomplishments here & there. But don’t EVER say others are lower than you because of it.

    May 5 at 7:09pm  / Log in to Reply
    • erricka 


      May 6 at 9:20am  / Log in to Reply
    • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

      Sugawhore.. I mean.. Sugacore.. She said it, and she cant take it back.. she said that she learned alot this season, including this!

      what you should of said… “Im glad that you have learned a lesson from this Nene, dont let things get so big that you change the Nene that I have come to love”

      That is what people do for each other… not this crap. You obviously didnt read this blog properly.. like afew others. If we dont make mistakes, how can we learn from them and grow. Nene has expressed this many times on her Blogs. True fans would know, which means you arent really a Fan. Maybe you should “twirl” to Kenya and get caught up in that wind of a mess.

      May 6 at 9:48am  / Log in to Reply
      • erricka 

        That’s your problem Darryl, you’re a “FAN”. Do you know what a “Fan” is? I’m a “Fanatic” of NO ONE. BLOOP!

        May 6 at 10:21am  / Log in to Reply
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          No one address you errelevant erricka! I think your problem with my posts is that.. it speaks volumes and you hate that I make sense.

          Guess what?… turn it up.. so you can hear the truth, and trust me.. it will set you free! now go collect those food stamps while I enjoy a nice Steak!

          May 6 at 10:39am  / Log in to Reply
          • erricka 

            LMAO! Food Stamps! Boy, only if you knew. Send me your address so I can send your ass a case of Steaks! I can buy and sell you!

            May 6 at 3:33pm
          • erricka 

            Oh and…..How about putting an (ed) on the end of address! Big Ole dummy! LMAO!!!!!

            May 6 at 3:35pm
          • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

            I thought I would test your intelligence… and it worked. I could write anything, anyway.. and you would still understand it. Now look.. I you obviously aren’t that smart.. cause any smart person wouldn’t need to 2 mins to figure that out. Hence your 2 comments, 2 mins apart. hehehe. BLOOP! Gotcha Boo! Now have a seat on something made of titanium.. its the strongest mental in the world and will hold up that big body of yours! Hopefully! LMAO@that.. Fatso. haha

            May 7 at 8:25am
  19. Roya'le Little 


    May 5 at 7:10pm  / Log in to Reply
  20. CarmendemThere Eyes 

    Nene, you are a horrible mess!! You can dish it but you can’t take it. You should take some classes on dignity.

    May 5 at 7:11pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Corliss V. Holly 

      I think Kenya has a blog. Go preach there.

      May 6 at 1:47pm  / Log in to Reply
  21. hchalonec 

    It is very sad! Noone is willing to say the “S” word! SORRY!!! Everyone has an attitude! Thank God my granddaughter does not watch shows like yours! FORGIVENESS is a beautiful thing…specially among “Friends”!

    May 5 at 7:14pm  / Log in to Reply
  22. BahamasLuvsNeNe 

    We love u NeNe. You do speak your mind even if it hurts but no one will ever accuse you of not being 100% real. Look forward to seeing you on the show next season and best wishes with your upcoming ventures.

    May 5 at 7:16pm  / Log in to Reply
  23. Nisha S 

    You were always my favorite house wife and trust me people don’t see the things you have accomplished as success because they’re hating to me you have grown a lot and you have this ability to stand out and be noticed which is why you are so successful keep being you hunny you are the only reason I still watch the show…God bless

    May 5 at 7:16pm  / Log in to Reply
  24. Stephz 

    Apologizing isn’t going to make you melt–even if you don’t feel like you’re wrong. It doesn’t make you any less of a straight shooter to acknowledge you may have hurt someones feelings. In fact, it makes you a more respectable, approachable, and generally likable human being.

    I’m sure reality t.v. can be a bish–I can’t imagine having people following me around–but there seemed to be a markedly more negative bent to your demeanor this year. I wanted to like you but you were so nasty to people it was genuinely off-putting.

    With that said, I know you apologized (somewhat) it might’ve been nice to make it sound more sincere though.

    I’m sure you don’t care about my opinion though.

    May 5 at 7:24pm  / Log in to Reply
  25. Juanitaty2009 

    Nene i love you cause you keep it real you say what the other ladies are scared to say you don’t need cynthia nor peter cynthia don’t even have a voice she want to be the diva of the show but no nene you always been the diva of the show kenya,and cynthia both trying to take your place but can’t cause they are fakers you don’t need that you got so much going on and they are jealous women the truth be told they are intimidated by you they want what you got so you keep your head up take care of that gorgeous glam baby love your husband make that money and let cynthia,peter,kenya,and marlo act like the fools that they look like and peter are a liar to he said you guys never really apologize which is a lie cause the world saw that what they want yall to do kiss their tail child please no what cynthia need to worry about keeping barone open she are money hungry and thats sad you been through alot nene you been through abruise and that made you a very strong women you keep it real and tell andy cohen if you don’t be on the shoe next season he will lose my tv viewer cause you keep it going and kandi getting mad at you no what she need to do is tell her mother to stay out her buisness and phadrea you shot kenya low budget a$$ down she are just a homewrecker i can’t stand her they need to take her off the show but nene you stay real don’t let nobody change you god bless!!!!!

    May 5 at 7:29pm  / Log in to Reply
  26. Dena Lee 

    You say it just fine and I could read it in your body language. You’re right, RHOA is NOT like it use to be. I like what you, Kandi, Phaedra and Porsha brought to the table. Now that darn Kenya……I am so totally over her bad acting and fake drama bringing antics. She wasn’t relevant before and she is not relevant now. She is a total disgrace to the franchise. I know you are angry and understandably so, but I still hold out hope for you and Cynthia. She slowly growing. Just remember when people are growing and learning, they have set backs too. Peter may talk too much, but he’s real too. Keep your chin up. You’re not always nice and you know you’re sometimes a little Hollywood, but I still think you are genuine and Greg’s a good man.

    May 5 at 7:30pm  / Log in to Reply
  27. Truth2U 

    When you work hard and become exactly what you’ve always dreamt to be – a better, successful version of yourself, there will always be those who cannot understand it. And because they can’t see it, won’t appreciate it, refuse to acknowledge it, and will never help it grow- the hatred begins to fester. Nene, from personal talk regarding friends with whom I used to cut up with and turned on me the minute I got serious about my future, these attacks are burdens you must bare. Anybody who makes major changes in their life has to be able to see the attacks coming and buckle up. Be strong. Keep yourself encouraged. And never stop climbing. (Side bar: Be smart. I know you are cool with Andy Cohen but you can clearly see from the reunion show and the set up questions to you fro. Andy and Kenya regarding his feelings being hurt with the Queen word, he seems to have bitten the Kenya apple. Andy Cohen is trying to get you to say sonmething or do something that will help him explain to your fans why he had to let you go. Dont fall for it.)

    May 5 at 7:38pm  / Log in to Reply
  28. Karen Jones 

    Nene I am glad this season has ended and I do hope you will be back. I have enjoyed you from day one and enjoy your straight forwardness. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. To apologize is sometimes necessary sen when you fell you have den nothing wrong, in that respect I would like to see you grow. Apologizing does not demean you in anyway. You have a great sprit and I know it will never diminish. Stay real and I hope many more doors open for you. Oh I just want you to know if and when you leave RHOA my TV will also turn off for me you are RHOA…THE QUEEN BEE!!!!

    May 5 at 7:39pm  / Log in to Reply
  29. Karen Jones 

    Nene I am glad this season has ended and I do hope you will be back. I have enjoyed you from day one and enjoy your straight forwardness. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. To apologize is sometimes necessary even when you feel you have done nothing wrong, in that respect I would like to see you grow. Apologizing does not demean you in anyway. You have a great sprit and I know it will never diminish. Stay real and I hope many more doors open for you. Oh I just want you to know if and when you leave RHOA my TV will also turn off for me you are RHOA?THE QUEEN BEE!!

    May 5 at 7:41pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Lcaskey 

      Karen! Are you crazy. How can you praise someone who is rude all the time. Has no loyalty to get friends, and can’t admit when she’s wrong.

      May 6 at 1:24am  / Log in to Reply
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        Lcaskey… you again. Unfortunately, you have not read Nenes blog properly. Nor have you done any research concerning Nene. If you did, you would know that she has addressed issues like the Mug Shot, Stripping etc. She knows where she came from, and she knows where she is headed. There is a reason Nene is as high as she is, cause she has been through it all. Shes acts a certain way, cause she has built a name for herself now, and she will let no one take that from her! Is that a bad thing? No! Its like anything that you work hard for.. why would you let anyone try to ruin that? Express your views else where.. cause you look like an attention seeker saying all of this here. She worked hard on her own to be where she is, she owes no one nothing!

        May 6 at 9:02am  / Log in to Reply
        • erricka 

          @darryl penn santana heather, so you just copying and pasting your same response on comments you disapprove huh? #getalife dude!

          May 6 at 9:25am  / Log in to Reply
          • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

            I did for this one. :)

            And guess what, you have no argument for it.. cause it makes sense. Trust me, logic will always override your stupidity. Now
            before you pop a blood vessel, go sit down if you have nothing more to say.

            I said what I said, and I aint changing it. BLOOP!
            Ps: I got a life, with a BMW, House, Job and Savings!! Ch-Ching!

            May 6 at 9:41am
        • Corliss V. Holly 

          LOL. I know right?

          May 6 at 1:48pm  / Log in to Reply
          • Corliss V. Holly 

            For Darryl.

            May 6 at 1:49pm
  30. mhzsweetness 

    Ms. Nene I truly agree wholeheartedly with your blog. Watching the reunion has shown some really negative and counterfeit personalities. Kenya Moore has been underneath each and every housewife’s skin and thinks that she should not be called out on her flaws. Everyone has “Character Flaws” as she pointed out and she is of no exception. They just can’t handle the facts and the truth and so they lie and don’t keep it real. I admire you for your your straightforwardness and honesty and I hope you stay the same way. Don’t leave RHOA because you bring the show !


    May 5 at 7:42pm  / Log in to Reply
  31. cosborne 

    Nene I have been a fan since day one. Meaning wheather I agree with you or not I am a fan. I support you in general and do not flop back and forth on each episode. I am sadden by the lost of Cynthia as a friend I thought she was genuine but she never spoke her opinion and i assumed she never had one. Lol i guess she held it in for a reason and maybe her and Mel are alike. I even laughed at how kenya her new best friend was disrespecting Peter and she still just sat there. She also said if Peter would have cheated do to her health problems it would be okay. She is spineless and needs to look in the mirror. I do respect Peter because he speaks his mind and stands by it. He also still respected you even after he was hurt. Cool man! However, Cynthia needs to address issues when they happen not hold it in for later. That is a woman! She did not even check kenya when she was waving shit in her face disrespect her personal space. So I agree with porsha as far as Cynthia not having her own mind. Enough on that dust! Kandi i do understand how she is passionate about hers and she does not take about other people’s family. She did at one time have jokes about you with Kim and She by with the rich jokes and others. That was in the pass! She has to know that when you bring your mother on camra and she is going all out that the world will have an opinion. That is part of the check! Her mother did stoop to a different level this season and did not apologies for her actions or name calling to her circle. She should have checked her the way she can check everyone else. Her mother showed her no respect this season after all she does. I love kandi and respect her for be self driven and accomplishing so much. The sister is talented and needs to be respected. Now i watch every show and i read your blog. You never called her mother out her name! You said you did not want to stoop to the level of a hood rat in the gutter and fight in front of your son. He is under age after all. You joked about the bridal shop but who did not and left it at that. Kandi mother even disrespected phaedra and that was not addressed. So I did not understand Kandi rage for you and her eye rolling. Nene I would so love to meet you at an even in Atlanta one day! The only advice I gm have for you in next season is to be more humbling and do some community event to show that positive side that is there. People complained when you were mild two seasons ago and now that you gave em what they wanted they did not know how to act with that. I sa

    May 5 at 7:46pm  / Log in to Reply
  32. Cassie Dimetessa 

    Was the reason you didn’t read Viv fox because she is super close to Star Jones. You really spoke well on your career. You are right, you had two shows going, the other ladies had nothing. Stay humble, something big is coming your way.

    May 5 at 7:46pm  / Log in to Reply
  33. Truth2U 

    One more thing, if you are not on the show I will not be either. Lol. #but-I-am-so-serious #nene-or-bust

    May 5 at 7:50pm  / Log in to Reply
  34. kay tee 

    You are a grown woman with a life outside of this show, so keep doing you and being the queen that you are. Even when I don’t agree with you, I think you keep it real and that’s refreshing when some of the others are crying on the drop of a dime.

    May 5 at 7:53pm  / Log in to Reply
  35. cosborne 

    Damn if you do and damn if you don’t, right? One last thing as a gay man Nene i was not offended by the word Queen. It was not homophobic or dripping from your lips. Andy is so dramatic and he could have addressed that earlier if it was that serious. Many gays even the ones on the show refer to themselves as queens. I do not as i am not fem but alot of them do and it is not a degraded word for many. Andy loves to try and keep some stuff going he knows the world finally saw his side when he had porsha leave and how insincere he came off in matter until he recieved all the negative tweets. My issues with bravo is why are the blacks on one show and the whites on there show? Mix it up! I know NYC has some blacks, lol. Don’t say Kim was white! Kim was with the blacks until she find her pro white man. He looked so uncomfortable around yall. The only black around Kim after that was on the pay roll. She is still cool but she what not enough to diverse the show. She was over it before the end of the season.

    May 5 at 7:54pm  / Log in to Reply
    • mzblubeauty 

      I like that idea! Lets mix it up a lil, get a couple Caucasians n a latina! Replace ms ratchet USA with Ms America or something

      May 6 at 3:05pm  / Log in to Reply
  36. Smokkie 

    I WAS a die hard fan of RHOATL…BUT this season has got me not watching much if at all…All the Kenya drama…The Mama Joyce drama..The lies the mess… the mess ….and the lies. Nene I have loved you since day one and always will. Bravos attempt to boost rating by making a mockery of Black women…I.e RHOATL and married to medicine. . Is embarrassing and degrading to say the least. If Kenya returns next season yall have lost me and I’m sure many others. But you are my hitta to the end!! & I wish you much success! !xoxoxoxo

    May 5 at 7:57pm  / Log in to Reply
  37. cosborne 

    As a fan let me clarify, i am a fan of Nene not Hwoa nor Kenya. What fans does she have? Everyone calls her crazy and they make fun of her. She has been caught in si many lies! Please no one text the Ho cause she will save the shit for an interview. The ones she can’t show never came. Lol i knew that Bentley was not hers when i saw it! She is broke and needs to go back to Houston there is plenty of money and sperms there. Lol

    May 5 at 7:58pm  / Log in to Reply
  38. Canadiangurl33 

    I have to agree with you Nene that it was very sad to see all you ladies behave the way you all did. I really love RHOA however I found that season 6 went a little overboard. This season people hit below the belt a lot, the fights were just too real…I have to say the beginning of this season I love that Nene you came in a different person trying to keep the peace etc later in the season things change. It makes me sad about you and Cynthia I really thought you guys were friends before the show and it’s sad to see the relationship comes to an end because of the show. I actually like the friendship the Leakes and Bailey/Thomas had it was real. One thing I do have to say is that Nene for the most part your apologies just doesn’t come off genuine I never agreed with you calling Peter the B word it wasn’t called for Because you guys are Friends you cross the line there for sure! It was very disrespectful and no one would and should be comfortable hearing a friend saying that about another friends husband. I have no idea what’s In store next season I think Kenya should be taken off the show she really has no business on the show she’s has Nothing going on for her. I love your success and I think you are a strong Black Woman!! I am praying for you and Cynthia

    May 5 at 8:01pm  / Log in to Reply
  39. amcdan 

    Well to be honest this season was very long and draining and I agree with Nene that the show has drastically changed for the worse. I have been a fan since day 1 season 1 and it just seems the only thing Andy Cohen is concerned about is ratings therefore he throws anything together Kenya has no business being on RHOATL. She is not from Georgia don’t have a husband and no kids so what makes her a housewife absolutely nothing. She makes the show a mockery. I don’t always agree with everything Nene says or does but she is the Realist on the show and the #1 chick!! Her paycheck speaks for it. I hope next season will be more positive and upbeat hope he gets rid of Kenya and Porsha bring back Lisa Wu or Kim. I am on the sideline with Cynthia she really miss Nene and their conversation should have been private because it was a real friendship such as Phaedra and Kandi and you never see them argue because they keep it private. I refuse to watch next year if Nene is not on there and Kenya remains!!!

    May 5 at 8:32pm  / Log in to Reply
  40. meeka 

    Nene, next season I would like to see you focus on your family and your business more. I want to see you interact more with you and Gregg’s children. I want to see what you have cooking up with your fashion line and your production company. Pay the rest of rest of the cast dust because I feel like they don’t have no strong story line without you anyways so just focus on yourself. Love ya!

    May 5 at 8:57pm  / Log in to Reply
    • mzblubeauty 

      Good point!

      May 6 at 2:59pm  / Log in to Reply
  41. ng2014 

    I must say this Season was the hottest of them all.
    I love watching you on the show bc u keep it REAL, &
    Say things the other woman, will not say. What I am REALLY
    Shocked about is Cynthia. Would some1 pls find her a
    Laidlaw bus & have her sit in the front pls, bc she is slow as they come. I am with NeNe, when she told Andy, she doesn’t know where Cynthia was coming from about not being a good friend. If NeNe apologized to Cynthia & Peter & things were squash & they were taking trips etc… & she waits until the ep aired & she wants 2 play the victim. Chile pls….. If u felt ill about it, you should’ve called her like a REAL friend & talked it out. Don’t wait until the show air & want people 2 join your pitty party, girl bye…& YES Peter acs like a Bi$&h. He is ALWAYS in the woman mess, & be the 1st 2 ck a woman, its Cynthia job 2do that not Patrica lol lol. It’s very sad a friendship is ruined, but Cynthia needs 2 stop playing the victim & own it. & I hope Porsha comes bk bc Kenya ole bipolar a&& provoked her, & she got a reaction out of her. It’s not the 1 she wanted, but she got it lol lol. Kenya knew who 2 try! She never tried the other girls bc she felt Porsha was the weakest.

    May 5 at 9:05pm  / Log in to Reply
  42. EddieA 

    The fame of the show has inflated your head. The reunion show is specifically put in place to address issues of the season, but you refused to give a straight answer, or proper response. Everything was, “and what do you want me to say”, and “so what if you don’t like it”, blah blah blah, and all those funky faces you were making didn’t help anything. You’re a big woman, but not big enough to own your mistakes. You’ve become quite annoying, and I’m with Wendy Williams – it’s time for you to bounce. Oh and most of the foolery and negative came from you…

    May 5 at 9:12pm  / Log in to Reply
    • LoisC 

      Yes! Wendy Williams called this a long time ago!

      May 5 at 9:31pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Janet Jackson 

      PREACH EDDIE!!!!

      May 6 at 8:34am  / Log in to Reply
    • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

      EddieA.. you dont like Nene, and you think she should go, you think that Wendy Williams was right in what she said.. and how Nene didnt give a straight answer etc etc. Well, thats funny you should say that considering, you dont own her. Considering that you feel that she should “bounce”… where would you like her to bounce to? Glee.. Dancing with the Stars.. The New Normal.. I dream of Nene.. Cirque du Soleil… would you like me to keep going? Cause I probably could… considering, that Nene is followed on twitter more than any other housewife.. oh.. and Wendy Williams.. yep.. she really cares for your opinion. Hahaha. You can never stop someones Destiny, however, you can ignore the irrelevant people that know nothing about it, but have everything to say!

      May 6 at 9:21am  / Log in to Reply
      • erricka 

        I agree Eddie. @darryl, NeNe needs no help ruining what she’s “built”. She’s doing a great job of it all on her own! You wait….It’s all going to come to a complete halt. And when it does, just look back to this blog and remember i told you so!

        May 6 at 9:30am  / Log in to Reply
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          Erricka… until that day comes.. then you just look at what you have written.. on a blog that Nene Leakes has created.. with the success that Nene Leakes has… that you are using! For now, I have told you so.. cause Nene Leakes owns this site.. not you. So please.. eat your own words for now… cause what youre talking about.. hasnt happened! Lets not talk about what if… lets talk about what is! Now press print and get your napkin ready! Enjoy eating your words! Dont choke now! ;)

          May 6 at 9:36am  / Log in to Reply
          • erricka 

            Ummmm…. I don’t need NeNe’s site, I have my own lil’ boy! Anybody can write a fucking blog, it doesn’t take rocket science.

            May 6 at 3:40pm
          • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

            eericka.. kenya.. stupid.. whatever your name is!! Listen.. if you constantly swear… on every comment you right.. I can only take from that, that you are uneducated and don’t know enough to make a case to save yourself. Oh.. and you have your own site? What is it? So I can invite the nearly 2Million fans of Nene following her on twitter alone, to come and check you out. Let us all know what that site is! Please.. I would love to tweet your website to everyone. Let me know! Hear from you soon!

            May 7 at 8:33am
      • Best girl 

        Who would listen to a Xcrack head like Wendy Williams..PAAALLLEEEZZZZ

        May 8 at 11:05am  / Log in to Reply
      • chissy 

        well um Glee and the New Normal aren’t coming back to television, she was eliminated from dancing with the stars, and cirque de solei is a temporary guest spot for like a couple week. So she really don’t have anything else going on after she does cirque except tape for the new season of the show.

        May 26 at 9:22pm  / Log in to Reply
  43. LoisC 

    Nene: you say you learned a lot this season! We did too! We learned you are insufferable, insincere, immature, insensitive, insufferable, an egomaniac and unhappy. You used to be the bomb! No more. Your guest roles on TV ended and you got mad. Ugly mad, rude too. I hope you find something that will bring you happiness, and I hope it is not on RHOA. We are so over you …

    May 5 at 9:29pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

      Hahahahaha. How irrelevant is this old lady? Hahaha. Wow.. you are funny LoisC! I always laugh when people come on a celebs website and make these kinda comments. It tells me that they would of had to watched or heard something.. maybe even read something.. then had a feeling, then a thought… then got up and make a concious decision to turn on the pc, entered their password, googled Nene Leakes, found this Blog, Signed Up, logged in.. and then spent time to think of something negative to say… and then actually, start clicking and typing… to someone they dont like??? Sounds odd.. cause why would you give so much of your energy and time to someone your are “Over” ??? Well.. thats just stupid! LoisC, you look and sound like an idiot.. go sit down somewhere and wipe the crap from your chin, it seems to be oozing from your mouth when you talk.

      May 6 at 9:32am  / Log in to Reply
      • erricka 

        So Darryl, who’s really the uneducated dummy?! What the fuck is “would of” (in your third sentence).yeah, right there, look at it! Learn how to fucking write will you?! Obviously you write just like you speak. There’s no such thing as “would of”. It’s “would have” you dummy! While you talking all shit, you can’t write, I’m sure you don’t speak well either. Boy bye. You need to buy a vowel and get a clue!

        May 6 at 3:46pm  / Log in to Reply
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          People make mistakes, I can own that! However, can you?? And you are obviously a Nene Fan.. cause you seem to be here alot. hehehe. Just join the club… oh.. haters are just fans, but dont know it yet! BLOOP!! See you here soon erricka! I have no doubt, that although you have your own site,(apparently) this is the one that you will come to. BLOOP!

          May 7 at 8:37am  / Log in to Reply
    • erricka 

      I couldn’t agree more! I HATE who NeNe has become. Keeping it real does not mean being rude and saying whatever you want to people because that’s how you feel. There should always be a level of respect for people, especially those that you say you love and are your friend. There has to be a some kind of filter. Everything that comes up, doesn’t always have to come out. That’s not being fake, it’s being considerate of other persons feelings. It’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it that makes the difference!

      May 6 at 9:43am  / Log in to Reply
      • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

        So.. cause the Housewives you like, whoever they are, have no site for you to visit… cause they are irrelevant and ratchet, like yourself… you come one a Blog Site of someone who you dont like and leave comments. Hmmmm… well.. if this is how you spend your morning.. instead of going to work like a normal person who has a job, like….. Nene Leakes.. your gonna sit at home all day, eat, and watch TV? How are you making a difference for yourself and your community? Oh.. your not.. cause you are erricka… last name nobody! #BLOOP

        May 6 at 10:44am  / Log in to Reply
  44. Sky Love 

    NeNe you are 100% Real A Lot Of Folks Don’t & Cant Deal With Shush A Person !

    May 5 at 9:40pm  / Log in to Reply
  45. MsHoney 

    Mrs. NeNe Leakes first let me say I love you and the show, RHOA!! It depicts a lot of the real life of black sisters. Some folks don’t want to accept that stuff like this really happens. And mainly because blacks are the stars and it is on TV, people want to say its ratchet and that it makes us look bad. Well stuff like this really happens! I understand some of it may be scripted, but whatever, it is TV!! This happens on Young & Restless, Scandal, Dynasty, etc. just to mention a few. You all are doing something right, viewers must like the show because it is highly viewed! Real friends do fall out but they can find their way back if it were a true friendship. Sisters who spend a lot of time together can and sometimes tend to get jealous of one another, but real friends should be proud and happy for their friend. I look at the show with the belief that the men and women of RHOA are strong individuals who are very opinionated and are not afraid to share their beliefs with the world! I also believe that any and everyone has their time. I was raised that you can draw more bees with honey. Continue to lead, pray, and stay true to yourself. Best of luck to you and the show!! ….IJS

    May 5 at 9:44pm  / Log in to Reply
  46. Nunya_love 

    Oh Nene you say you are rich… that you are not just in money in success love and happiness. …. you have grown ALOT thru the years yes everyone has a past you OWN yours… I have been wanting to put this out… at the charity event…. could you have handled it better YES.. sure I dont judge you for that…. I also felt that in that moment what was shared on TV that it was straight up BS what the fake and most ugly shadeiest of them all… did… I saw as Ms. Thang was cunning, little attention seeker was not looking to support charity but yet boost her self up… you stay RICH… I wish you and your family the best… you are all RICH… keep it up… haters will be haters its a part of life and you handled it the best way for YOU….. Kisses smile hugs and most of peace for the REAL QUEEN OF PEACHES…

    May 5 at 9:45pm  / Log in to Reply
  47. mike8204 

    I love you so much nene im your biggest fan and i only watch the show because of yu and i act just like.yu i mean to the tea baby and i dont give to fucks bout wht someone feel bout wht i say keep up wht yu are doing i love. U and im a gay guy and never felt any type away bout wht u have ever said….keep these bitches in there place and thts below u

    May 5 at 9:46pm  / Log in to Reply
  48. viviangray71 

    1-Peter has 4 or 5 “baby mothers” and this fact alone does not say something about his ability to be a man?

    2-Cynthia stated (or implied) that because she was sick, if her husband would have cheated he would have been justified?

    Let me take a break for a moment: WHAT PLANET AM I LIVING IN? Have we as a society completely lost our compass of what is righteous and dignified?

    Ok, I digressed….

    3-Kenya finally got her wish: She has finally made “history” (not misquoted or lied about history or “her” “story”). She is the first person on TV to get absolutely and totally obliterated and ultimately destroyed by 1-”words” (Phaedra deserves a monumental prize-EPIC!) and by 2-in the same season gotten her “jus”t reward: a beat down! I know the woman can’t afford to rent, lease, or borrow a clue. But maybe now that the season is over, she can maybe “jump” the pizza guy and “steal” a clue” and GO AWAY. I KNOW she does not have a concept of what dignity is or what being dignified is, but seriously: GO AWAY. It has become painful to watch…..OUCH. EPIC AND HISTORIC SOUL shredding!

    4-Nene has always been extremely grateful and gracious to BRAVO and her fans and community. Actions speak louder than words. Unlike other housewives who parade with the gay community to extend their story line and broaden their fan base, Nene “walks the walk” in having “earned respect” from her fans. So when she said REALLY? IT IS self evident that nothing more than “REALLY” was required to answer the “queen” remark (lets not make up drama in the name of entertainment and maybe a couple more seconds of headlines). As far as her infamous “attitude”, I truly believe that she is just tired of dealing with “stupid”. At one point, the “made up” show, the “made up” friends, and the “tired scripts and story lines” just gets OVERUSED and OVERPLAYED.

    5-There are many “formulas” that BRAVO uses: ONE tried and true formula is: take down the “top” housewife as a “plot”. It adds to the drama which equals- ratings. Case in point: Theresa bashing, Lisa Vanderpump bashing, Betheny bashing, etc…get the picture? There is a proven “formula” to keep “lesser” housewives relevant (and put some $$$$ in their banks-oh don’t forget the useless “hacking of cheap products): BASH the most popular housewife. I mean, seriously, what would these other women have to talk about if not the “popular” housewives….

    6-Just as an aside: models don’t get paid to be on magazine covers (as a rule)…….so you see, Cynthia’s money ran out a long long time ago…..proven formula: ATTACH YOUR SELF TO THE POPULAR HOUSEWIFE AND USE USE USE as much as you can! but again I digressed.

    Nene is ratings gold! FACT: CHECK OUT THE RATINGS FOR ALL SEASONS FOR THE RHOA, and that my fellow fans is what true entertainment history looks like. Andy you also deserve credit for being able to know what sells.

    P.S. I hope to continue to see Nene grow in every respect. She has paid her dues in life and in every respect. We all stumble, we all fall, but the beauty of the journey is the ability to “get up” and “grow”. Nene puts “everything out there”, and like her or hate her: Nene is an “original”. I hope to see her as a regular on another TV show. I also hope that she continues her journey with her BRAVO audience.

    May 5 at 10:06pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Toni Jones 

      GIRL, YOU SAID THAT!! I LOVE YOUR LETTER TO NENE. SHE SHOULD PUT THAT ON THE WALL! I wrote the same thing to her about Cyn on her twitter. All the girls warned her about Cyn, but Nene kept her as a friend anyway, They said the same thing about Marlo, but she kept her as a friend anyway. Nene is one of the most giving people on the show. I could go on but you hit the nail on the head. I don’t care who don’t understand our view but we think alike!

      May 6 at 7:34am  / Log in to Reply
  49. ouizy 

    Miss Honey you SHUT.IT.DOWN.
    that monstrosity that calls herself kenya
    is dirty is dusty
    too thirsty and crusty
    she can twirl. on. that.

    May 5 at 10:19pm  / Log in to Reply
  50. dimples 

    More power to you! I hope Kenya do leave because she plays the game raggedy and ratchety or maybe I should say its how she plays the game. The RHOA platform is not the platform for her personality. I mean the fighters are on LLHA, Married to Medicine, and RHONJ. I think her, Teresa, Mariah,and Joseline Hernanadez should all be on a reality TV show together if you like fight scenes with women and those kind of personalities. Now who throws the best shade, humor, realness and talking shit is RHOA! Kenya is a new player and Nene reacted to this new girl with this type of personality but it’s still NeNe. She can’t treat Kenya as if she’s Kim(crazy/wild/funny), Cynthia(straddler,nice, wimpy), Kandi (nervous,crier), Phaedra (proper,bougie-ghetto, book-smart, quasi-fake), Lisa(tattle tale), Sheree(quasi-phony/hard),or Porsha(educationally challenged). Kenya’s personality is different ( spiteful/messy, slick). Okay so you said “Rich Bitch”, “I’m not on the level these women are on”, “queen” because of Brandon, also “You need to stop acting like a bitch” Oh and let’s not forget this with the tag team with you and Greg (and I don’t blame you), “What do you want me to do pull your pants down, bend over and kiss your ass?” and Greg’s “Throw a parade?” Your drawing power is the fact that you can be direct and straight forward that many wish they can do. You take your licks and hits and stand on your principles. You don’t blow in the wind like uh hmm Cynthia. You are transparent unlike a lot of the previous and present cast members. That’s your drawing power. You represent in a way that old saying back in the day,’ You let it all hang out.” Out of all these women who have been on the show since Season 1 until now with their stellar backgrounds they have felled or pulled up short. Porsha who married a famous football player but needs to be hooked on Phonics and/or find out what the slogan, “Reading is Fundamental” mean. I mean Kandi crying as if she’s 12 years old at the ripe old age of 37 because my mama disapprove of my relationship!! but I am a multi-millionaire and business woman! A supermodel who has traveled all over the world, met and dated famous men, Leon’s baby’s mama, looks good, articulate and marries a man that doesn’t take his responsibility seriously but most importantly, disrespects you like you no better than a girl with no means. A lawyer raised with high christian values, book smart, and chooses a young immature man and whose love doesn’t live there anymore. But I’m feeling all good about myself cause I can get pregnant at the age of 40+?!! Therefore, I’m just as young as a young 18-30+ woman. A Ms USA with body, looks, and college-educated but acts like a cast member of LHHA or Married to Medicine. Then we have a former exotic dancer with a child who meets and marries a divorced man but who is still being herself whether she was an exotic dancer or not and transparent as clear glass! The one who has the least stellar background is the one who shows the most transparency…NeNe! She isn’t hiding anything from herself as well as us, and that’s her secret, that’s her power, that’s her success! You would think that she would be the least transparent. After all, a stripper, oh my! She should be ashamed, she should bow down to the rest of the cast members because they never danced on a pole. How dare she be confident,assertive and most of all love herself! Don’t she know that I’m a lawyer, a super model, a grammy-award winning songwriter, or have been married to a famous football player(s). Who do she think she is?! Nene has grown and is still growing but unfortunately some of her audience members has not grown with her. They haven’t caught up with her from Season 1. So whoever is cast for Season 7 (if any) and/or if the same cast members returns don’t try to be a TV friend (as she calls it) to Nene cause she is hipped to that. Get to know NeNe all of her and if you like the whole package (if she wants to be your friend) great and if you don’t keep it moving! Oh and cast members get your OWN STORYLINE don’t use NeNe or else your renewal contract may say this… 404 ERROR MESSAGE: CAST MEMBER NOT FOUND

    May 5 at 10:22pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Toni Jones 

      Are you vying for her assistant! Once again a real intelligent letter. By the way I want that job myself. I love this letter, I feel everything you said. I love the meaning behind what you say. Wonderful letter!

      May 6 at 7:44am  / Log in to Reply
      • Knapturally Me 

        Well said dimples.

        May 6 at 10:13am  / Log in to Reply
    • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

      thumbs up! well written!

      May 6 at 10:46am  / Log in to Reply
  51. jbexo 

    Nene, Preach it girl! You’re the most real and I know I’m not the only one to say on here that we hope and pray that you and your realness stays on the show for season 7.

    I’d personally like to see Nene, Phaedra, Kandi, Porsha and two new castmates. Get rid of Cynthia and Kenya because BORING.

    May 6 at 1:51am  / Log in to Reply
  52. Daddy_1979 

    Mrhappy it appears you are a hater dude,NeNe did and said what she needed to and felt like saying, if you not a fan then find another way to cool off and get a life…….I’M A NENE FAN FOR LYFE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER

    May 6 at 1:52am  / Log in to Reply
  53. Winnie June 

    Evidently, you are the LEAST educated and talented in that group. You can’t help but to expose it. Have you see anyone on the other reunions roll their eyes like you and sneer. You even disreapect Andy !
    Once upon a time you were my favorite housewife, but you changed a whole lot. Humble yourself and apologize when you are wrong. All these housewives cannot be wrong. Last reunion you called out Phaedra on trying to come between you and your family now she is suddenly the best thing that has ever happened to you, but Kenya who hasn’t even done anything to you is the worst. Double Standards much ?! What you said about Mama Joyce was wrong just own up. Remember BRAVO made you, all the we women that you so love to hate, came already made. Stop the bitterness if you are hurting from childhood issues, you are RICH see a therapist. The light you are shedding on African American women cannot get any dimmer. The othe franchicez dont have such a vindictive , loud and unforgiving character. Don’t get to comfortable. You are ratings yes, positive and now negative.
    Check yourself.

    May 6 at 1:59am  / Log in to Reply
  54. Dguerin46 

    As long as God knows your truth that’s all thst matters. Nene without you on RHOA there is no RHOA.. Kenya is a character player with no storyline and no husband..why is she even still around? Andy needs to make a real decision and oust her from the show she has no real purpose.

    May 6 at 3:44am  / Log in to Reply
  55. Lovethetruthcolette 

    Nene, I am so very happy for you, and I’m a huge fan of yours. I love that you stand for what you believe in and make no excuses for it. Keep being you?

    May 6 at 4:57am  / Log in to Reply
  56. NeTina Finley 

    I hear ya girl! I can’t wait to see you on HSN…Love the channel and some of the stuff they have.

    May 6 at 5:16am  / Log in to Reply
  57. Brenda Hyder 

    LOL she must be deleting the real comments am sure I am not the only one that feels NeNe is fake and started a lot of the drama now that the blogs have been checking her now she wants to flip flop or perhaps is it to sell her clothes so her publicist told her to make nice – NeNe you are so arrogant I wish you well (Unlike you did Cynthia) change your ways!!

    May 6 at 5:47am  / Log in to Reply
    • Janet Jackson 


      May 6 at 8:19am  / Log in to Reply
      • erricka 

        @Janet Jackson LMAO! I agree with you 100%

        May 6 at 9:48am  / Log in to Reply
  58. Nads 

    Love your realness girl! You’re so real you let people comment on YOUR blog without moderating or censoring what they say. Says a lot about you.

    I was banned by a blogger (who I am convinced is being paid by Kenya) for posting comments supporting you. When you go to her blog all you see are pro Kenya posts. SO misleading. All the pro Kenya bloggers do that. I guarantee you 99% of fans prefer you over that wannabee.

    Go girl!

    May 6 at 6:40am  / Log in to Reply
  59. shawntinam 

    I usually just read them; truth is I’ve never commented on a post. But, I had to write this in hopes that you, Nene, and all the Atlanta Housewives would read it. So here goes, as women we know that life is messy. It’s a difficult realization. We are taught young to pursue all that is “fairy tales” and happiness. Unfortunately that’s just not life at all. I have an enormous amount of respect for each of the housewives. For the real measure of a woman is to learn to work around the “messes” of life with some amount of grace and sophistication; not an easy task. Those of us who are not in the spot/lime light will/could never fully know the depth of your strength…how you have managed to keep it together…each of you…season after season. How you have made mistakes and yet with an amazing amount of “star power” continued to be human right before our eyes. I have two small children so I don’t watch any adult TV at all with the exception of the Atlanta Housewives. You guys are the only TV I get to have around motherhood and “wifeyness” (I know that’s not a word..lol). I’m sooo glad I have each of you from which to learn. And I “get it”…you’ve helped me to “get it.” That in the midst of the “mess” and there will always be “mess” we all have to keep living and keep moving forward and keep “being” our highest best self. For that I thank you! :)

    May 6 at 6:59am  / Log in to Reply
  60. Michelle Imdoinme Sparks 

    love u NENE keep on keeping it real, thats all you can do Bloop, cant wait to shop on HSN :) thanks

    May 6 at 7:07am  / Log in to Reply
  61. Janet Jackson 

    You are so fulla shit NeNe. You acted like the UGLIEST BITCH IN REALITY TV @ the Reunion & the way YOU DISRESPECTED KANDI & HER MOM WAS DISGUSTING!!! You couldn’t even show some humility and APOLOGIZE to Kandi. YOU PLAYED A BIG PART in the “negativity” & “foolery” that you speak of at the reunion. You talk about how you “take full responsibility” for your actions. THAT’S BULLSHIT. Your actions were POOR & you DON’T take “full responsibility” for them when you couldn’t even extend An APOLOGY to Kandi for the insults to her Mom. Instead, you went on the DEFENSE & took the bullshit every which way & at everybody else INSTEAD OF YOURSELF. You couldn’t give Cynthia your ear OR your ATTENTION – you couldn’t even be SINCERE to Cynthia – instead, you dismissed her – ALL OF A SUDDEN you want to discuss shit “in private” – AT A REUNION, WHERE EVERYTHING IS DISCUSSED. You knew you were WRONG & you didn’t want to be EXPOSED, YOU MOOSE LOOKING BITCH, so INSTEAD, IN YOUR DESPERATION TO SAVE YOUR “BEAT UP FACE”, YOU SAT YOUR BIG AZZ ON THAT STAGE & MOCKED KENYA & DID EVERYTHING YOU CAN DO TO TAKE THE ATTENTION OFF OF YOURSELF & DEFLECT IT ELSEWHERE – you were sarcastic & NASTY to Andy Cohen – you had the AUDACITY to ask Andy Cohen if he wants you to “KISS HIS AZZ” – and, by the way, THE WORD “QUEEN” HAS ALWAYS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH GAY MEN & you knew that. You were just trying to be a “smart azz” & cover your dirty tracks because YOU KNEW YOU WERE WRONG, AND YOU’RE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE FOR REFERRING TO A GAY MAN/MEN AS A “QUEEN(S)”. You DON’T WANT another strong & beautiful woman by your side claiming your friendship, you really DO want someone you can control & look down on because it makes YOU feel like a bigger & more successful person when you can kick somebody around & pull their strings like they’re your PUPPET. You want someone around you who “doesn’t have it going on” — as you claim you do — in other words — IN YOUR OWN WORDS —> “NONE OF THESE BITCHES ARE ON MY LEVEL” — you think your shit don’t stink, you’re arrogant AS FUCK, you let a little “success” go to your BIG FUCKING HEAD & you don’t deserve a real friend. I wish KANDI would’ve jumped up & PUNCHED THE SHIT OUT OF YOU, RIGHT IN YOUR BIG FUCKING NOSE & MADE YOU BLEED. YOU’RE A FUCKING CLOWN. The way you spoke & the way you carried yourself on that stage at the reunion was TOTALLY DISGUSTING. YOU ARE THE UGLIEST BITCH ON REALITY TV – INSIDE AND OUT. YOU ARE A FUCKING CLOWN. I hope they ELIMINATE YOU FROM #RHOA & I really HOPE TO GOD that one day someone crosses your path who will READ YOU LIKE A FUCKING COMIC BOOK & THROW SO MUCH SHADE THAT YOU THINK IT’S A FUCKING ECLIPSE. The clothes in your clothing line are UGLY. Have fun at that CIRCUS you will take part in, in June & July, YOU DISGUSTING, UGLY, ARROGANT STANK BITCH. MY GOD I HATE YOU.

    May 6 at 8:02am  / Log in to Reply
    • Janet Jackson 


      May 6 at 8:32am  / Log in to Reply
      • Katina 

        You sound really angry perhaps you should stop watching the show.

        May 6 at 8:39am  / Log in to Reply
        • susanz 

          Shut. Yo. Flaps, Kuntina!

          May 6 at 3:14pm  / Log in to Reply
          • Janet Jackson 


            May 7 at 12:14pm
      • kitty45toronto 

        RHYTHM NATION HAS SPOKEN.! Amen Sister!!! Unfortunately JJ there are like drones with no minds of their own the NENE LEAKERS… we cannot reform them, since they have no brain. I agree with you 100% especiall at the pj party. I do not think Kenya ever lied about certain things, watch the body language. And what the hell was apollo going on about him owing Kenya. He looked more scared than anything else….. DO WORRY JJ… ALL WILL BE REVEALED. I doubt Nene will be returning and if she does, I won’t be watching. I am disgusted by her that I am so constipated.

        May 12 at 11:25pm  / Log in to Reply
    • erricka 

      @janet jackson ALL TRUTH! @Katina, I know you’re being sarcastic by saying, maybe she’s angry and should stop watching the show” however, if you have an ounce of dignity, NeNe’s behavior would make you angry. For me, it’s just upsetting to see that “we” as “black’ women cannot get along and hold each other down. Instead we would rather get on television and make complete asses of ourselves all in the name of money! I will NEVER compromise my morals, values, self worth, dignity for a dollar! NEVER!!! What saddens me the most is, this is the reason why we’re viewed in such a negative light. We just keep giving “the people” more ammunition. All for “the love of money”!

      May 6 at 10:00am  / Log in to Reply
      • mzblubeauty 

        For anyone to sit here and really say all the drama is Nenes fault is off their mark. There is some truth in saying there was a lot of ugliness on this season, but hello? Its a reality show! To not see how Kenya orchestrated and provoked most of the drama this season is crazy. Where were all these complaints when Kenya tried to do a similar game to stir the pot? The couples party escalated to the way it did because Kenya thought she was going to be able to get in someones face and no one was going to stop her. No one excuses Apollos behavior but again that doesnt have anything to do with Nene. So all this “we are the people” bs needs to go on kenyawhore.com you have the wrong site

        May 6 at 2:19pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

      This sounds like an account that Kenya has started! Hahaha. Nene is legendary… how relevant is Nene Leakes… hmmm.. Lets look at the website address for this BLOG!

      OMG.. it belongs to Nene Leakes. Haha

      Are these people dumb, or just plain stupid… and, they dont show there faces or real name.. cause then that would mean, that anyone could write these ridiculous posts.

      Irrelevant in its purest form!

      May 6 at 10:51am  / Log in to Reply
      • Sandy NunyaBizness 

        I joined this site because first, I ? Nene. And second, because I wanted to give you props for standing up to these haters on here! You are a true fan and everything you have said is spot on!

        May 11 at 12:15pm  / Log in to Reply
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          Cheers Sandy! :) Hope all is well.

          May 27 at 7:54am  / Log in to Reply
    • WARM- 

      IT?S SOOOO HARD TO SAY?Good-bye!

      Hello KENYA MOORE (Janet Jackson),
      Sorry Boo, but you haven’t fooled anyone, simply because your acting skills are lacking. We all know that it is truly you, Kenya Moore. So just do everybody a favor by twirling yourself to the next exit door. BLOOP! 2 DA LEFT…2 DA LEFT! Your scepter and bullhorn is in a box 2 DA LEFT.

      BULLY BYE!? thirsty for ANY attention bye… LIAR-LIAR BYE… A $10 read by Phaedra bye? PSEUDO FRIEND BYE? black beauty with white fangs bye? RHOA TYRANT BYE…Mrs. ?want to be loved? bye? VILLAINOUS TORMENTER BYE…Mrs. don?t have ANY friends to tape RHOA with? bye??MISS? Jealous Jezebel who covets PHAEDRA?s HUSBAND bye!?

      Just in case YOU are not indeed ?CONNIVING KENYA??allow me to say on behalf of NeNe Leakes?”GIRL BYE!?

      May 6 at 10:52am  / Log in to Reply
  62. Ari Hampton 

    i just waned to say first that i love you too much. staying true to who you are and never straying from it is what makes people love you! I do think that it is sad to see women like kenya acting like that on the show but get ya money up girl,lol! As far as the QUEEN coment im a gay man and i think that you did not mean it in that type of way just know that there are people who see past all the SHADE and see the good person you are! KEEP on KEEPING ON MAMA!

    May 6 at 8:15am  / Log in to Reply
  63. Shanay 

    Nene keep being you I respect the woman you are. Kenya on the other hand fake as can be omg im soo tired of her she needs to go. You an Gregg are a real team the true definition of marriage love watching you both. Stay strong and dont let all the negativity get to you. Some just cant take such a strong willed person most honor a person of your character. I wish you many many more years of success an will continue to support and watch you grow. Luv ya girl!!!!

    May 6 at 8:53am  / Log in to Reply
  64. Laurie Ann 

    Nuthin but love Nene! I hope you’re back next season…otherwise, they may as well call it HOUSEWIVES cuz there would be NO REAL!!!!

    May 6 at 9:23am  / Log in to Reply
  65. Tkngcrofme 

    Ne Ne I have watched this show from day one and I can honestly say you have always been my favorite always. You remind me of one of my favorite aunties or a like a cool ass big sister? You keep it real and your human just like everyone else. I have seen you prosper through all the shade these heffas through your way. They may not see your worthiness on the throne, but clearly God does I pray you nothing but the best and that you always remain SUPER BLESSED! ???????????? Enjoy the fruits of your labor hunty jeep God first & you will never lose. I see the best in youâ?? ?Neisha aka NeNe that has been bmy nick name my whole life as well. #Bloop

    May 6 at 9:51am  / Log in to Reply
  66. Walter Humphrey Barbary 

    I respect you Nene, wish you the best in all you endeavors, plus know and believe you are a hard working woman. But you are the epitome of what happens when fame goes to someone’s head, point blank period. The military man in myself sees right thru the all the shade. You may have fooled others but not I. Keep up the work, you would be a great politician.

    May 6 at 9:57am  / Log in to Reply
  67. Knapturally Me 

    Season 6 was hard for me to watch and I’m glad its over too. I hope you’ll be back for Season 7 because the show wouldn’t be the same without you. When you come back, keep your friends close and your enemies closer and remember there’s only 2 things in this life you have to do and that’s die when its your time and be Ne Ne Leakes anything else is open for discussion and your approval.

    May 6 at 10:08am  / Log in to Reply
  68. qc 

    Now that is NeNe…you will always have negatives seeking to bring you down. Don’t bend. You are making things happen. Continue to do that. Keep your focus on God. I will never understand the big deal about the Queens thing. Bravo has a show and that’s okay, but straight ppl just can’t say it. Yall can’t have it both ways.. (;) winkwink)

    May 6 at 10:38am  / Log in to Reply
  69. Lhines 

    Be encouraged and stay strong through it ALL! Love me some Nene!

    May 6 at 10:54am  / Log in to Reply
  70. WARM- 

    Hey NeNe? Just wanted to share my previous thoughts. Hope you approve.

    The Viewers Have Spoken?

    BRAVO, it is very clear that RHOA is your golden egg. However, NeNe Leakes seems to be RHOA?s golden goose, assuming that Kandi is a close second for ratings. Those two women are ?bring it!? They both have the keen ability to reinvent themselves. Phaedra?s upcoming story lines, plus her relationship with Kandi is very relevant for the show. Not to mention that adorable, tenacious son of hers.

    Yes, Cynthia brings us versatile hair. However, she has been very ?quiet? and somewhat passive this season. Unfortunately, I am almost embarrass for Cynthia to say that it was Peter who gave us good TV? not Cynthia. However, I loss total respect for Peter, because it was he who held down Kenya?s friend, while Apollo repeatedly assaulted him.

    Porsha is enduring. I find her to be simply fabulous! Just like us fans, all of the ?REAL? housewives truly care about Porsha. She?s that missing sweetness needed in a pot of Momma?s collard greens. BRAVO, it would be a true void if our Porsha was removed from the RHOA. Can we all say? ?David and Goliath?

    As far as making changes for better viewing? I too, agree that Kenya?s contract should NOT be renewed. Just how is it possible for a villainous, cruel, deceptive, conniving, persuasive, BULLY, be The Brand for RHOA?? If for whatever reasons BRAVO may have to support such behavior? fine!!! Then, send her off to RHOBH or RHONY. I?m sure that their reactions would be unfavorable too. Yet, she just may fit right in with her ?pseudo-isms? and snake-like smiles. Besides, being outwardly beautiful is rather redundant, if you are infested with ugliness on the inside. Now that is an irrefutable fact.

    Andy, here?s a RHOA boardroom idea? Consider having Fantasia Burrino do a few tapings with Kandi. WOW! Now that in itself would be some POWERFUL ?cash cow? ratings for BRAVO! We viewers want to see pleasantries on the show again.

    As for the upcoming new season, try vetting a tolerable, pleasant, candid, confident, fabulous, self-aware, ambitious, cultured, creative, inspiring woman that could easily be considered relatable. Therefore, whenever we viewers watch the ?newbie? interact with the other ?Housewives?, we would actually care what she has to say. PLEASE find someone that can ?bring it? without being a beast.


    May 6 at 10:54am  / Log in to Reply
    • Adline Reeves 

      Well said Warm!

      May 6 at 12:18pm  / Log in to Reply
    • mzblubeauty 

      Very well said!!!

      May 6 at 2:09pm  / Log in to Reply
  71. Adline Reeves 

    Amen Nene! Speak the truth always and always be true to yourself no matter what the haters say. I just love your honestly and you remind me of myself when you say you don’t practice lying. Like you say when one door closes another opens. Now that’s God! Keep on keeping on and may GOD continue to bless you and your family.

    May 6 at 11:55am  / Log in to Reply
  72. MsPatt 

    You are REAL. Continue speaking your mind. I feel you, Girl.
    Also, GAYS DO NOT OWN or Control the word QUEEN. IF dress or pants fit….put it on and stop being Petty. Andy should MAN UP.
    Keep doing you, NeNe. Many Blessings to you and your Family.

    May 6 at 12:00pm  / Log in to Reply
  73. leah ogbonna 

    what you actually said was ‘ I shhed what I shhed’. Seeing as you now call yourself an ‘actress’ you should be able to go and get that mouth fixed.
    You are very insecure and try to make yourself seem inportant by putting others down. You will never get away from your gutter roots, money cant buy you class boo!

    May 6 at 12:41pm  / Log in to Reply
    • mzblubeauty 

      Why are you here? Lol maybe youre on the wrong page

      May 6 at 2:02pm  / Log in to Reply
    • susanz 

      Leah, OH NO YOU DI’NT! “Neighne”? LOLOLOLOL!!!

      May 6 at 2:49pm  / Log in to Reply
    • charnorm 

      Wow, you must be from another country. I think you mean “said”. Don’t talk about her mouth until you learn to spell. You obviously do not know what a insecure woman looks like. She can be on a stage with a bunch of haters and take them on one at a time and don’t bust a sweat. Roots? are you talking about her African Roots? lol

      May 6 at 4:57pm  / Log in to Reply
      • erricka 

        @Charnorm, Leah wasn’t trying to spell “said”. She wrote exactly what she meant. Because NeNe is UNABLE to say “said” because of the big fake horse teeth in her mouth, she says “Shhed”. So, while you trying to check someone, you’re all wrong! BLOOP!

        May 6 at 8:47pm  / Log in to Reply
        • Darryl Penn Santana Heather 

          erricka… u just cant stay off Nenes Blog!! LOL. Or… using Bloop! How funny!

          May 27 at 7:55am  / Log in to Reply
  74. Trophy 

    GIRL PLEASE…..I’ve watched RHOA from day one and never missed an episode. I’ve seen all the drama, the ladies come and go and witnessed every failure and accomplishment all of you ladies made. I liked you the most because you were the basic girl….plan everyday looks, husband was unknown and was hustling to make it but now….a little nip tuck and a couple checks and you have gone crazy. I was so embarrassed for you. Your body posture, the faces you kept making and your overall arrogance…..first let me address the comment you made about Kandi’s mother (remember I’ve watched from the beginning now)….you made reference to her mother being low as the gutter because she wanted to take off her shoe and drag someone, WELL, what do you say to your mom because if I can remember your mom had you thinking someone else was your father as a matter of fact werent these guys friends? And did your mother raise you or did your aunt raise you? Think before you lash out, Kandi made it clear don’t talk about her family otherwise she will be forced to discuss yours…..you keep calling Kenya a liar and s**t starter? Name one person on that stage or past season that you have not had a conflict with, Kim, Sheree, Lisa, Dwight, Kandi, Phadrea, Kenya, Peter, Porsha, Marlow and now Cynthia and your behavior on celebrity apprentice….Star Jones and Latoya Jackson (who fights with Latoya Jackson) and your blow up with your DWTS partner….but everybody else around is a s**t starter??? You claim to be an advocate against violence amongst women but now you say Porsha was provoked (I guess that’s what you say to excuse you choking Kim) but if your an advocate that means zero tolerance. How would you feel if that man that was beating you came forward and said everytime I jumped on NeNe it was because she provoked and pushed me, make up your mind are you for or against it…….Moving forward to the fact that you keep discussing how rich you are, you couldn’t get a better hair piece? That thing looked like something that was pulled out the clearance rack at some chinese shop and that dress looks like one of the things my grandmother from the south use to wear back in the 70′s on Sunday morning when she was cooking breakfast for us….get your style team together if your gonna talk money then look money not bargain basement…..Please change your attitude and demeanor, your almost a century in age and your still carrying your self like one of the teenagers from Glee….all of you ladies talk about each other but you get so defensive and dismissive when someone speaks about you, girl GROW UP…..your fans made you and as one of your FORMER fans I can open heartly say I will never support anything you do….GO NIGHT!!!!!

    May 6 at 12:45pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Corliss V. Holly 

      So what are you saying? There also have only been verbal altercations prior to Kenya. No physical fights until now. Now Bravo has what it wanted all along. Kenya was willing to do their dirty work for pennies. NeNe started off doing certain things but never physical fighting. And please don’t repeat those lies Kim Z. put out there and all of you rubes bought as her victim act. All Kenya did is validate the stereotype of how certain folks think blacks behave in real life. Yeah, she should be real proud of herself. I don’t blame NeNe for treating Marlo, Kandi, Cynthia, and especially Kenya like the backstabbing, two-faced, heathens that they are. Kandi is not that bad except she should have used that anger towards Kim Z who used her like a old whore instead of sitting up there crying. And NeNe told Phaedra and Apolloright about how Kenya would try to break up Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship and we’ll just have to wait and see. NeNe saw Kenya coming a mile away. So NeNe, be you cause hater gonna hate. Let them use their energy. Keep it moving girl. Remember ya’ll, that if NeNe leaves the show, there is no show.

      May 6 at 1:59pm  / Log in to Reply
      • mzblubeauty 

        Thats the truth!

        May 6 at 2:04pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Trophy 

        Do you remember the altercation between Kim and Sherry when kim grabbed her wig….who was present and instigated it??? Do you remember when Nene tried to jump on Kim on the bus? This woman breads drama

        May 6 at 3:06pm  / Log in to Reply
      • WARM- 

        The Viewers Have Spoken?

        BRAVO, it is very clear that RHOA is your golden egg. However, NeNe Leakes seems to be RHOA?s golden goose, assuming that Kandi is a close second for ratings. Those two women are ?bring it!? They both have the keen ability to reinvent themselves. Phaedra?s upcoming story lines, plus her relationship with Kandi is very relevant for the show. Not to mention that adorable, tenacious son of hers.

        Yes, Cynthia brings us versatile hair. However, she has been very ?quiet? and somewhat passive this season. Unfortunately, I am almost embarrass for Cynthia to say that it was Peter who gave us good TV? not Cynthia. However, I loss total respect for Peter, because it was he who held down Kenya?s friend, while Apollo repeatedly assaulted him.

        Porsha is enduring. I find her to be simply fabulous! Just like us fans, all of the ?REAL? housewives truly care about Porsha. She?s that missing sweetness needed in a pot of Momma?s collard greens. BRAVO, it would be a true void if our Porsha was removed from the RHOA. Can we all say? ?David and Goliath?

        As far as making changes for better viewing? I too, agree that Kenya?s contract should NOT be renewed. Just how is it possible for a villainous, cruel, deceptive, conniving, persuasive, BULLY, be The Brand for RHOA?? If for whatever reasons BRAVO may have to support such behavior? fine!!! Then, send her off to RHOBH or RHONY. I?m sure that their reactions would be unfavorable too. Yet, she just may fit right in with her ?pseudo-isms? and snake-like smiles. Besides, being outwardly beautiful is rather redundant, if you are infested with ugliness on the inside. Now that is an irrefutable fact.

        Andy, here?s a RHOA boardroom idea? Consider having Fantasia Burrino do a few tapings with Kandi. WOW! Now that in itself would be some POWERFUL ?cash cow? ratings for BRAVO! We viewers want to see pleasantries on the show again.

        As for the upcoming new season, try vetting a tolerable, pleasant, candid, confident, fabulous, self-aware, ambitious, cultured, creative, inspiring woman that could easily be considered relatable. Therefore, whenever we viewers watch the ?newbie? interact with the other ?Housewives?, we would actually care what she has to say. PLEASE find someone that can ?bring it? without being a beast.


        May 6 at 11:06pm  / Log in to Reply
        • WARM- 

          ?A MOTHER?S LOVE?

          On behalf of Kandi, please allow me to say? THANK YOU. Thank you for eloquently expressing the truth that Kandi has yet to embrace. We all know that Kandi?s love for her Mother is UNWAVERING. However, it seems that only we (the viewers) can clearly see that the ?love? Kandi receives from her Mother is rather reserved, pungent. conditional, and callous.

          Just by the sheer content of her successful play, Kandi if fully aware of the embedded flows and horrid behaviors that her Mother possess. Her written play was her own way of screaming. That was her way of painting a 3-D picture for her Mother to reference. That was Kandi?s way of begging her Mother to change her ways for the better. That was her way of tearfully saying to her Mother??JUST LOVE ME AS I LOVE YOU???PLEASE RESPECT ME AS I RESPECT YOU, Momma!?

          So, other than on-going, private, tear-stained counseling to heal herself? What is she to do? Her Mother has to stand in HER truth and admit her wrongs, before she is able to do right with her daughter. So? until then, what is our Kandi to do???? My view is? ?A Mother?s Love? shouldn?t hurt nor cause painful tears, unhealing internal wombs, deliberate embarrassments, nor threating goodbyes. A Mother?s Love SHOULD feel good and familiar. A Mother?s love should feel like GOD loves you. UNMEASURED!

          P.S. I am so glad that Kandi?s Father had provided her with uplifting moments after her amazing debut. His words of encouragement and love clearly meant a lot to Kandi. Just having one of her parents to shower her with smiles and warm hugs was encouraging.


          May 6 at 11:11pm  / Log in to Reply
          • WARM- 

            Hello BRAVO Loyalist,

            I?ve just finished watching RHOA?s Reunion episode for the fourth time. Needless to say? I am a loyal viewer. The reunion show was indeed entertaining. However, I was highly disappointed with the apparent liberalism that Kenya was allowed to use as her taunting prompts. With the exception of Andy, it was very clear that Kenya was going to use her bullhorn to over-talk any and everyone seated. Thus, there was absolutely no way for that show to end without unnecessary drama.

            As far as that short can of ?whip azz? Porsha had given to Kenya? BRAVO!!! Maybe now, Kenya will STOP taunting Porsha. Think about it? Kenya would have NEVER disrespected NeNe nor Kandi in that way. Both women have proven that invading their personal space, taunting them, or ?putting your hands on them?, will not be tolerated. NOTE TO KENYA: Be very glad that Porsha had snatched that ?scepter? from your hand before you were laid out on the floor! Boop.

            I?m extremely proud of Porsha? not for snapping, but for having a voice. Porsha has clearly endured a lot of ridicule, criticism, unmeasured pain, and negativity, via her marriage. Imagine to have endured all of that bull from her arrogant Ex, only to now be taunted by Kenya. Conniving Kenya wanted to quiet Porsha?s revealing facts of her deceptions regarding ?boyfriends for hire?. In order to do so, Kenya then took that very moment to accuse Porsha of being an unfaithful wife. Not to mention all of those innuendoes of Porsha?s lack of intelligence. WOW. Too much!!! How could anyone be expected not defend themselves when faced with a verbal BULLY who uses a bullhorn to call you horrible names?

            Yes? Porsha did snap. However, unlike Apollo, Porsha was immediately remorseful. It was never her intent to spank Kenya. NEVER! However, it would be a huge mistake for BRAVO to remove Porsha from RHOA. Please do not entertain favoritism, BRAVO. When Apollo attacked Kenya?s friend, Peter held him down (rendering him unable to move), while Apollo threw brutal punches at the guy! Apollo did NOT snap. That was clearly an ATL beat down. Or should I say? ? sudden burst of violent energy, resulting in embarrassment?. LETâ??S BE REMINDED THAT APOLLO HAD CRACKED THE MANâ??S RIB! Can we say Federal Assault? Yet, both He and Peter are still on the show.

            I?m so hopeful that NeNe, Kandi, and Phaedra will take a stand with BRAVO, by speaking up for Porsha to remain on the show. We ALL know that it is NOT in Porsha?s character to cause ?finger-pointing? embarrassment to anyone. Porsha is good people. Now THAT is an irrefutable fact. Therefore, she will own up to her role in what has transpired with Kenya. However, Kenya SHOULD stand in her truth, by offering Porsha a SINCERE public apology for her cruel, taunting, and unrefined behavior. Besides, being outwardly pretty is rather redundant, if you are infested with ugliness on the inside.

            During the reunion show of The RHOA, Kenya made a point of bring up ?KARMA? as her talking point. However, Kenya has yet to learn that choosing to be a VILLIAN is like her venomous seeds being showered with acid rain. Perhaps she should examine her acres of offended strangers, broken spirits, and disappointed relationships. Perhaps she should humble herself before her acres of seeds are sewn. Besides, right is right? and wrong was Kenya!
            LIAR-LIAR bye? BULLY BYE!? ?thirsty for ANY attention? bye? ?Honorary recipient of a $10 read by Phaedra? bye? PSEUDO FRIEND bye? BLACK beauty with white FANGS bye? RHOA TYRANT bye? CONNIVING QUEEN bye? Mrs. ?want to be loved? bye? VILLAINOUS TORMENTER bye? Mrs. ?don?t have ANY friends to tape RHOA with? bye? a ?MISS? not a ?Mrs.? bye!? ?MISS? Jealous Jezebel who covets PHAEDRA?s HUSBAND bye!? ?MISS? DON?T YET KNOW WHICH WAY TO TWIRL IN THE WIND bye!
            On behalf of NeNe Leakes, please allow me to say ??GIRL BYE!?

            MUSIC TUNE FOR: Kenya Moore? Please just do everybody a favor by twirling yourself to the next exit door. BLOOP! 2 DA LEFT?2 DA LEFT! 2 DA LEFT?2 DA LEFT! Your scepter and bullhorn is in a box 2 DA LEFT.


            May 6 at 11:54pm
    • erricka 

      WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      May 6 at 3:56pm  / Log in to Reply
  75. Christine Boulware 


    As we have all said multiple times…this was not the best Nene experience and that needs to be acknowledge by you. Please consider how you want to be a part of RHOA, this is not working for you, right now…

    May 6 at 1:05pm  / Log in to Reply
  76. Dee 

    ‘..no one is perfect!’

    That is so true Nene, and I encourage you to remember that next time you comment on your costars on the show.

    May 6 at 1:16pm  / Log in to Reply
  77. mzblubeauty 

    I am a fan of NeNe, and will continue to be. The comment kandi made about not coming after NeNes family, that may be true but NeNe also doesnt have her family on the show acting a hot coonery mess. If you dont want people to talk about your mothers behavior or to reference it get her off the show. Kenya needs to go shes wack and irrelevant. The only thing I dont necessarily like is cynthia n NeNe ending their friendship. They were clearly true friends and while I think cynthia does need to get over the fact that peter was called out for acting like a bitch, I think that cynthia n Nene should have a sit down off camera n mend fences. I will say I like the blossoming friendship with Nene and Phaedra, especially bc kandi clearly doesnt like it lol, lets keep that going. I like the friendship with Porsha too! Keep doing you Nene but lets make up with Cynthia, punk like as she may be she has been loyal to you in the past, unlike marlo, and loyal friends are hard to come by

    May 6 at 1:59pm  / Log in to Reply
    • Trophy 

      Well Mrs. Leeks has a problem with Greg family also….it can’t be everybody else

      May 6 at 3:08pm  / Log in to Reply
      • mzblubeauty 

        @trophy What you are talking about has nothing to do with anything I said. I dont know what issues Nene has with her family or Gregs, and I truly dont care, why? because its not a story line on the show. My point is if Kandi has an issue with people discussing her mothers inappropriate behavior then she shouldnt have her on the show. Mama Joyce, no disrespect to her, has been an embarrassment and is obviously trying to capitalize on her behavior based on the fact that shes trying to get her own show. If Kandi doesnt want people to speak on that then her mom needs to have s seat snd relax. Its really not anything to debate lol so you have a blessed day

        May 6 at 5:50pm  / Log in to Reply
    • jramey1048 

      mzblubeauty I agree with everything you said. I am a NeNe fan. I would like to see all the ladies back next season.. all except Kandra .

      May 6 at 4:06pm  / Log in to Reply
  78. Keepingitreal 

    Every reality show hopes fir someone to act ignorant and willing to show out. That is what makes those shows interesting because people tune in to watch a train wreck. YOU Nene Leakes are that person. With 1.5M twitter followers of course you are going to get some opportunities (HSN, KMart) because those companies are cashing in on the fact that you should be able to sell their shyt to your followers it’s BOT because you are talented so please stop getting that confused.

    Also, it’s obvious that the real reason you and Greg split was so that your “new” money won’t have to pay for all the scams and schemes that you and Greg did prior to joining the show. That was actually a smart move but eventually it’s going to catch up with you because in life you have to do good to receive good. Remember what happened to your girl Teresa guidice you are not far behind. You have to know that success does not equal $$$. It is apparent that you have never achieved success in life because once you had a lil bit you tripped out and thought you were now better than people?? It really doesn’t work that way you see the mist successful people never speak about their money or what they do with their money and they certainly do not waste it on loubitons and $15k Berkin bags that’s what hood rich people do. All the money in the world is never going to yup you any class you are going to have to start all over for that I hate to tell you. And before any of your fans start to tell me I am hating, please know that is not the case. I have all that I could ever need in life I just feel as a woman that enough is enough with your nasty attitude. Your 15 minutes are about to be up!!

    P.s, quit blocking people on twitter who don’t agree with you! That’s childish and speaks volumes to your character. Keeping it real means you can take the good bad and ugly!!!!!

    May 6 at 2:22pm  / Log in to Reply
    • mzblubeauty 

      Funny how the biggest haters are clearly the biggest fans lol. Youre not only on her blog but you look at her twitter enough to say what comments you think she leaves or deletes. You obviously know about her clothing line. You know what type of bags she wears. You are trying to talk as if you know her life before and outside the show…hmmm idk sounds like a #1 fan to me lol

      May 6 at 2:53pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Keepingitreal 

        I absolutely was a fan by the way! However, once she changed colors and started to act as if she were better than others, then I found out about the illegal shady activities I totally lost respect for her!!

        May 6 at 5:14pm  / Log in to Reply
        • mzblubeauty 

          Okay so show how much you passionately disapprove of her shady ways by no longer wasting your time on here

          May 6 at 5:53pm  / Log in to Reply
          • Jennifer Smith 

            Should her fans just agree with all that Nene does/says? Are we to be just that fickle? I want my true friend/fan to express their views of a situation if they see something I don’t. When it comes to the positives/negatives of what we do with our hearts/minds regarding others, Nene is no different. She hurts(we saw her lash out with real friends) and she is happy(we saw that with those same real friends). Who was wiling to bail when their opinions were made? So are we, the fans, supposed to offer up nothing but admiring words when she asks us to speak/type on it? Nene is the only one in the world with the ability to speak truths and we believe it? If that’s the case then Nene for president 2016! just like a politician.

            May 6 at 6:59pm
          • mzblubeauty 

            @jennifersmith I cannot say with certainty if her fans simply agree with everything she does because they are fans. What I can say is I appreciate Nene brutal honesty and strong will. Does that mean I would have handled situations the same way she did, Not necessarily, however, I dont think its for me or anyone to tell her what she needs to or doesnt need to apologize for, or to come on this page and try to belittle her or people that do support her. For fans of Nene whether they would have done the same as her or not, likely continue to support and agree with her because on some level they understand or relate. Does that make them any less of individuals? They probably like her because they feel she is like them or like a close friend they may have. Nene may be an acquired taste for some, I am simply saying if shes not yours anymore thats fine, Speak your peace and continue on, but do not do the same thing to her or to her fans that people have accused her of. So sure a fan giving honesty about her behavior or blog is one thing (as you did in your post below) but if someone truly feels so strongly about their disgust for her or her actions as “@keepingitreal” has, to the point that they are no longer a fan then why continue to waste time writing countless lines on her blog bashing her and her continued fans. Disagreeing or expressing dislike for her actions or words is one thing, attacking her on issues that arent even relevant in an attempt to prove a point, is something different.

            May 6 at 9:46pm
  79. MoMo 

    Mrs. Leakes, you are brutally honest ! You say how it is. It might be a lil bit hurtful at times… But I like honest people, because you always know where to stand with them….and thats why I like you and respect you. :) — Oh can I get a ”Hi/Hello” ??? please ? :) #imhoping take care.

    May 6 at 2:23pm  / Log in to Reply
  80. susanz 

    Nene, you need to apologize to the gay community and to Andy for your vulgar remarks during the season recap. Your comments were ugly towards a group of people, and hate will not take you very far in your dying career, sweetheart. You ain’t go no “talent” that some other ratchety bitch can’t take over, so better to make yourself a better person and apologize and donate some money to a LGBT charity.

    May 6 at 2:48pm  / Log in to Reply
    • mzblubeauty 

      Im sorry the last time I checked the man who refers to himself as Ms. Lawrence stars on a show on what network? BRAVO…called what? QUEENS fashion. So if I hear one more person complain about her using a word that the damn network ‘Andy’ works for has a show named after. Last time I checked they embraced the word and even use it themselves whether in a positive or negative way. For someone to automatically say using the word Queen is derogatory is as crazy as saying someone being a Diva is degrading. So until Andy goes to Bravo and tells them that show is offensive I dont want to hear it. NEXT

      May 6 at 3:29pm  / Log in to Reply
      • Best girl 

        Andy is a Big asshole so what do u expect.

        May 8 at 10:17am  / Log in to Reply
  81. Taylor Black 

    Good thoughts, NeNe, but you can’t end every sentence with an exclamation point! Lord!

    May 6 at 3:22pm  / Log in to Reply
  82. sweetsp7 


    May 6 at 3:28pm  / Log in to Reply
  83. felicia36 

    Now that’s real..U have been the same way from the beginning so keep it REAL…CHANGE IS FOR THE WEATHER NOT 4 REAL!!#Luv U MRS.Nene N Mr.Greg!!#

    May 6 at 3:50pm  / Log in to Reply
  84. felicia36 


    May 6 at 3:53pm  / Log in to Reply
  85. felicia36 

    Keepingitreal do a spell check b4 U try 2 check somebody, u SOUND STUPID N FULL OF HATER JUICE, A BIG GALLON!!

    May 6 at 3:57pm  / Log in to Reply
  86. Faithful Debra 

    I checked the records and this is how it looks:
    FB Likes:
    Nene 1,985,590
    Kandi 1,604,792
    Porsha 949,843
    Phaedra 824,519
    Kenya 29,855
    I forgot what the model she is not memorable, oh yeah Cynthia had to go look it up 352, 398. she even beat out Kenya.
    The numbers speak for themselves. Nene is not the weakest link. You either love her or hate her, but she is still interesting. Many are complaining that Mrs. Leakes has changed. I think she has matured, but maintained the edginess that we have come to know. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors. I SAID WHAT I SAID.

    May 6 at 4:31pm  / Log in to Reply
    • chissy 

      Facebook likes really? Ctfu. smh.

      May 26 at 9:27pm  / Log in to Reply
  87. kenziebear05 

    NeNe you rock girl!!! I watch the show because of you!!! Kenya NEEDS TO GO!!! I always skip her scenes lol….Hope you stay on the show forever!!!

    May 6 at 4:50pm  / Log in to Reply
  88. charnorm 

    Hi Nene, nice to be able to speak to you without Bravo. In the beginning I was not sure about you, but it is now 2014 and we can talk about Growth. You have been the same person from Season One. You speak your mind and whether friend or foe, take it or leave it. I just returned from a trip with a girlfriend,and we drive each other crazy, we disagree, argue the whole thing, but no matter what we say, it is said and gone. People can hate you if they want to, but women like you are true friends. Cynthia knew who you were in the beginning. I have said to my friends before stop being so bitchy, or I might say you are acting like a bitch. Yes, I can mean they are a bitch, but it does not mean I don’t love you or that we are not friends. A real friend knows this. But if a friend comes to me and say they don’t like it, then I would not and that would be the end of it. I like women like you because I know what I am getting. I have watched Cynthia before and women like her who fake the I am a good friend bull shit. I thought from the beginning that Cynthia and Peter were using you because of the exposure they could receive being around you. What people do not understand is that right now you have goals and aspirations that do not inclue RHOA, and with that comes your reputation and how you are viewed. You are no longer Nene from Season One, You are Nene on the Go! I have written on Bravo logs expressing my feelings about CYNPETE, and how fake they are and how dangerous Kenya is. Kenya had better be glad she was not on Love and Hip Hop. More than her weave would have been pulled. lol Kenya and Andy are responsible for happened to Porsha. She should not have been allowed to bring props where someones eye could be poked out or hit with a bullhorn. Yet, there is Cynthia sitting there like she is not a part of what is going on. Just like the fight with Apollo, Cynthia made no attempt to stop her husband, like Phaedra did pulling and yelling at Apollo. If Cynthia cared about Porsha she could have stood up and gotten between them, and I think Porsha might have snapped out of it. Not Cyn, she let Porsha walk right by her. I wrote to Kandi about her school ground respond “don’t be talkin about my Mama” thing. Her mother cursed, threatened and tried to attack on the show, but your mentioning something she actually said was a big deal. Nene you represent what this show should be about and that is opportunity, growth and being true to yourself. I prefer women who tell it, but I appreciate if they can take it to. Kenya is a user. Young black girls should be looking at her thinking, wow she was Miss USA. But no, they are saying. Ugh, she was “A Miss USA”. Fans do not understand that you have been on this show for a while and that you know the real deal. What we see is only a portion of what is really going on. What I see is women going after you to make themselves relevant. Cynthia had to bring her sister back so she would have a storyline. I would like to have a friend like you. Friends who are not perfect, say their truth (like it or not), loyal (where there is no need for a witness), generous with themselves(not necessary, but good). Kandi and Phaedra are the only women who did not need you, but Cynthia, Kenya, and Marlo did. Andy Cohen is shady. I watched him smiling while Kenya taunted Porsha, and he knew what had been going on with her. If he wanted action put Kenya and Kandi together, a better match. I hope Porsha is for real, because she could use a friend like you to tell her to her face and not laugh behind her back. I hope you could visit the San Francisco Bay Area, so I could see you. Dear Nene, as long as you do your truth and accept consequences, you have a friend for life. I have your back. I don’t need anything from you. I am just tired of fake friends,laughing in your face, riding your coat tail, and then pretend innocence. NENE LEAKES, STRAIGHT NO CHASER! Bravo Nene and I do not mean the network. Keep growing and enhaling all the opportunities that come your way, because you are running in a circle thats going to get you where you want to go, and RHOA is not it. Big fan forever! Last comment, people know who you are and they should not get into a fight they know they can’t win. (I don’t mean physical).

    May 6 at 4:52pm  / Log in to Reply
    • kitty45toronto 

      what goes up always comes down..especially when the hot air goes out. Your right she has surpassed RHOA, so next season I hope she won’t be there…bring marlo…….and keep Kenya dump Porscha and dump Phaedera oh wait she’ll be paying visits to Apollo in jail. Those poor beautiful children. If I were Pha Pha, I would disassociate, divorce, divest, divide and depart from Appollo for the sake of her children.

      May 12 at 11:14pm  / Log in to Reply
  89. Jennifer Smith 

    How is disliking some of Nene’s actions considered hating? I love her success story! I love she got back with her true love! I love that she is compassionate with all she is involved in. I dislike how she can snub Kandi for being a success and still climbing. Aren’t they both striving for better? I just can’t see why those 2 shouldn’t be an entertainment power team. I understand Nene wants to do it by herself, but her body language and response, as to why she didn’t consider being a part of the play….ugly! Too bad, though! The indirect shade was Tyler Perry attending and the possibilities of movie/plays for Nene, missed. If you know someone is not on point and is living in a bubble(we all know Kenya is)why bash them/cast shade as if, we the viewers are too stupid/ignorant to see what’s what? I don’t need direction or to hear snide comments on a situation. It would be just like taunting a person with down syndrome and doing it just because ya can. It’s unnecessary. Otherwise, I dig Nene. And, not that it matters.

    May 6 at 5:01pm  / Log in to Reply
  90. Belinda Joy 

    I’m like you Nene in that I like to speak my mind as I see it, so forgive me, but this my take on your last post about the season of RHOA. You completely glossed over your part in all the drama. In all of the things you list you learned, there was a list of lessons….personal lessons….I see you didn’t learn. Lessons that could lead to you being a better woman. That was sad.

    Didn’t you learn that sometimes you struggle with feeling betrayed when a “friend” aligns herself with someone you have an issue with? Didn’t you learn that although you are an accomplished actress, sometimes in a public setting you allow your true emotions to override the pubic persona you know you should be displaying for the benefit of an event? Didn’t you learn that losing an acting gig does hurt sometimes, even when you know another one is just around the corner? And lastly didn’t you learn that you have an issue with others when you feel you are not being heard or understood?

    May 6 at 6:40pm  / Log in to Reply
    • kitty45toronto 


      May 12 at 11:16pm  / Log in to Reply
  91. Catherine Kozack 

    Nene Leaks,I thought every thing you said about Kenya Moore whore as Phadra would say .I hope you have some pull when itcomes to casting,I think or demand that kenya gets the boot.She,Kenya is a trouble maker.I think you are the queen,and you kinda make the show that’swhy I watch. I do think Kenya got what was ccoming to her.I hope to see you and porsa back next season. With luv and good health,be well,
    Catherine Kozack

    May 6 at 7:30pm  / Log in to Reply
  92. Debra Woods 

    Nene I must say that I didn’t like some of the things that you did this season, but I do understand. We are human and you DO tend to say what others are thinking. lol
    Having said this…girl, you have redeemed yourself. Do your damn thing! #Team Nene

    May 6 at 10:37pm  / Log in to Reply
  93. Lacey Lawrence 

    Love you and Greg, NENE! That’s right…I SAID WHAT I SAID! RHOA wouldn’t be jack without you and Ms. Phadra! And please totally dismiss KUKUKenyatah. Not even her own mother liked her enough to keep her…I was living for the moment someone would remind her of that.

    May 7 at 5:32am  / Log in to Reply
    • kitty45toronto 

      You are ignorant asshole. Did not know FAKEDERA AND NENE were giving lesson on meaniness. She was a child. Are you saying a child is not worth to love by its own mother. I would slap your from here to kingdom come. God covers his eyes in sorrow at you.

      May 12 at 11:10pm  / Log in to Reply
  94. allisonfern 

    Nene you should have ended it with a simple “Girl go on” .
    That show and clearly some of them don’t owe you nothing. Look forward to seeing you in Vegas real soon.. Keep on with the projects everything you do I see Kenya trying to follow so you set the stage high to be just a stripper.. Girl Bye

    May 7 at 5:54am  / Log in to Reply
    • kitty45toronto 


      May 12 at 11:17pm  / Log in to Reply
  95. ahwfriend 

    I agree with you Nene on how the Reunion seems like that you all are putting each other down. But it wouldn’t be Reality TV if you didn’t. I think that that Media drives off the disruption, an I think that the producers went out and found a disrupt person like Kenya. If true, it is so sad that some people will do anything for money. I’m hoping and praying that God will bless each of you with a good New Season without Kenya. Personally, I could deal with Kim’s ordeals better when she was on the Housewives.
    I don’t know what Kenya did or said to get to Marlo….but I was disappoint in Marlo behavior. I thought she was better than that.
    Apparently I was wrong. Both of them (Kenya/Marlo) was very “GHETTO” this season. Believe me, I will say a pray for them….they need it!!! I hope that their will be a Next Season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, an I hope Nene that you and your family will be a part of it. God has really Bless you and it is my prayer that He will continue to. BE BLESSED!!!
    Marilyn – Lawton,OK

    May 7 at 9:49am  / Log in to Reply
  96. MsTamika Livingmylife Collier 

    Ne Ne I agree with you 100% Kenya is a jealous bi… and she’s a hater and I dont believe she’s with a African prince and also believe she paided Walter to be with her she is only a little relevant cuz of RHOA cuz wasn’t nobody studding your whack ass before the show all you is miss USA title you haven’t really did any movies while you hating on Ne Ne you always say you do high in things but my friend seen you at a nail shop that does full sets for 20 dollars and as far as Apollo is concerned Phaedra should have been put her foot in your ass about that a long time ago while you was talking all that crap at the reunion giving all the viewers a headache cuz you talk to damn much and think somebody scared of you

    May 7 at 11:26am  / Log in to Reply
  97. Janell Ferguson 

    Well said!!!

    May 7 at 2:51pm  / Log in to Reply
  98. Best girl 

    NeNe, It’s your strength & personality that got u where u r today.But that devious bitch Kenya can’t even protect a lil’3lb dog from being mauled how is she going to raise a child.Every thing that bitch Kenya does is to get herself a man & a check ,what right mined man would want her for a mate? She is chasing Phaedras husband & for that she should get her ass kicked ,but Phaedra has too much to lose if she laid a hand on that rag.Kenya has major mommy” issues ,her own mom doesn’t want any part of her what does that tell u.And Marlo is just a hood rat & so is Kenya.The fancy dresses don’t make u a lady.Plus she is not a housewife so why is even on the show? Cynthia & peter are both bitches & have nothing to offer.But they don’t bother me as much as that cruel bitch Kenya does.I don’t think I’ll be watching the show anymore if they keep that phony bitch on.I realy like NeNe & Greg,Phaedra & Apollo,Kandi & Todd & Porcha.Kandi’s mom needs to check herself she is an embarrassment to her daughter,who is clearly a good person.And Im so happy Porcha knock that slim whore in the head it was worth going to jail for.Kenya ‘s been picking on Porcha from the get.And Andy Queen should of put a stop to this bull a long time ago.If someone was calling me names over a f’n bullhorn it would of went down there throat. NeNe if u quit the show I don’t blame u but if u do I will no longer watch anything on Bravo. Good Luck Girl

    May 8 at 10:14am  / Log in to Reply
  99. Danimac0715 

    She said what she said!!!!!

    May 8 at 3:51pm  / Log in to Reply
  100. Waldorf 

    Gregg is so matter of fact. “We apologized, they accepted the apology, it was done.” Even I thought everything was good between Nene until Cynthia threw her under the bus at the reunion. I knew something was up when she was sitting there as tense as I don’t know what. She knew she was about to throw away a friendship to get exposure. And since the reunion all the articles and/or interviews Cynthia does are pertaining to Nene Leakes and how Nene is trying to destroy her *rolleyes*. Nene hasn’t even given her two seconds of thought after part 2 aired. Glad Nene learned the lesson that Reel-ty Friends don’t count in day to day life. As far as Kandi, Kenya and Cynthia said underhanded things about Joyce in their confessionals but I didn’t see Kandi ire at them. And I’m glad Nene gave it back tenfold to Andy Cohen just because of the way he helped bully Lisa Vanderpump on the RHOBH reunion. He tried it with Nene and Nene was like “I’m not having it”. Nene should keep ignoring the detractors (Kenya, Wendy Williams and Cynthia) and keep making her money.

    May 8 at 4:33pm  / Log in to Reply
  101. DJinDiego 

    I just heard that you are demanding more money to stay on RHWOA. Slow down. You’re not all that. You’re a reality queen, not Oscar performance. Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunished. Prov 16:5 Lets not forget pride is the devil and God will humble you one way or another.

    May 8 at 10:08pm  / Log in to Reply
    • kitty45toronto 


      May 12 at 11:07pm  / Log in to Reply
  102. Kemchi 

    NeNe I love you, plz dont leave the show. I dont care what nobody says I will not believe that you are leaving unless I hear it from your lips. You are the Star on the show, you made that show what it is and if you leave that show will go down the drain. I’ am a true fan of yours, and no I do not want to see you wasting your time arguing with any of those ladies, I want to see you go far, continue to work hard, take care of your family, and duck & darge the BS. They all know what kind of person you are and some just cant accept it. But that is their problem I do believe you when you said that you was a good friend to Cynthia, but you deserve better. NeNe remember to stay humble, God is Awesome and I hope I get to meet you one day. Be blessed.

    May 16 at 9:28am  / Log in to Reply
  103. MsTee10456 

    To all of the long, drawn out responders, “blah, blah, blah”. To Nene, “thank you” for 6 years of entertainment. You are wonderfully blunt, a brilliant businesswoman and you have an amazing gift of gab. Don’t change for anyone. And as for those other “ladies” (with the exception of Kandi and Phaedra), “bye”. I need just a good 10 minutes with Kenya, and I would verbally reduce “Mrs. Ballsack” to zero. Mrs. Ballsack was her lackluster performance on an episode of Martin. Oh, didn’t she have a 30 second bit on The Jamie Foxx Show? Emmy worthy! LOL!!

    May 26 at 3:37pm  / Log in to Reply
  104. Ethel Hill 

    Nene has always had a story line when it came to the RHOA….Some still dont’ have a story line. but, yet they try to throw shade on Nene….. NeNe Leaks will always be Queen B…..on the RHOA! straight up….

    May 26 at 3:58pm  / Log in to Reply
    • chissy 

      what was Nene’s story line this past season? She had none.

      May 26 at 9:29pm  / Log in to Reply