Time For Thanks!

Thanksgiving at my house! My girls, Cynthia, Diana and Mashella, were there to help me and my sweet hubby entertain thirty people at my house! My eighty-four year old aunt who raised me came to dinner, she’s such a hoot LOL! I am so blessed to have shared this day with my husband, children, step children, family and friends! And yes I know how cook haha!

~ NeNe Leakes



  1. morshalee 
    November 30 at 3:34pm  / 
  2. Jolie Evelyn Salt 

    Glad you had fun with yo true friends. More pix pliz,

    November 30 at 3:58pm  / 
  3. Linda Wells-Browning 

    Glad you had fun NeNe!!!!!

    November 30 at 5:12pm  / 
  4. Irene Gallardo 

    Blessed to spend this holiday with the ones you love.

    November 30 at 5:53pm  / 
  5. Prince Jarvis 

    NeNe, great to hear and see that you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends. Thanks for sharing these intimate pictures with us, we love you very much!!!

    December 1 at 2:26pm  / 
  6. Linda Wells-Browning 

    Where’s the thirty people NeNe? I only see 3 and you!!!!!!

    December 2 at 12:16pm  / 
  7. Vonda Baker 

    Hunty you didn’t cook a darn thing..lmao….Catered Event..

    December 2 at 5:57pm  / 
  8. Divajo 

    Ms Leakes, I luv your style. Keep up the good work. Saw you on GMA, you looked great. I hate the lipstick though. What happen to your other colors. Support Jennifer and wear hers please don’t say that was it. Keep the hair color but change the style. Its ok, but I have seen your hair look much better. I am not throwing shade I am your number one fan. A lot of us say that I know but I am. I have seen you come a long way. I hope you leave RHOA so these heifers see they can’t carry this show. Get rid of jealous ass Kenya Moore. Itch on no good Wendy Williams trying to throw shade. I can’t stand that evil looking bitch. Sorry.

    December 18 at 12:10pm  / 
  9. Divajo 

    I know you can’t blast them anymore because it will mess up them dollars coming in. Leave it to your fans, we got this. Girl you know you can wear some clothes. Take it easy, you in NY today hell were will you be tomorrow. I am not a stalker I just admire the hell out of me some NeNe.

    December 18 at 12:15pm  / 
  10. MsDevereaux 

    Beautiful women, except for Dirty Diana! Where is Marlo?!

    December 25 at 11:51am  / 
  11. Veronica Luvlife 

    As you continue to B blessed, continue 2 give Thanks.
    There is nothing like having Luv flowing all around U.

    December 31 at 9:37pm  /