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The New York Post Said It?

Nene Leakes - The New York Post on new nene leakes collection for HSN

I’m just sharing it! Check out this article about how I’m the “woman for all seasons!”

Not only will I be appearing on your television sets in Bravo?s ?The Real Housewives of Atlanta? later this fall, I’m also back with my new clothing line NeNe by NeNe Leakes for HSN, to help you revamp your wardrobe. It’s designed for women of all shapes and curves while being an affordable price. The 17-piece collection contains chic cardigans, blouses, dresses, and more! And guess what!? More clothing pieces are expected to arrive in October with the addition of jewelry in January 2015. Read more about it ! Enjoy!

All NEW Nene Leakes Collection!

NENE Leakes - New HSN Collection for October

WHOOT WHOOT! An all NEW Nene Leakes Collection is back on HSN October 20th. Size 2 to 24 available. Tune in! God is showing out these days! Yassss

Back On HSN in October!

Whoot Whoot I’ll be back on HSN in October with an all NEW Nene Leakes Collection! Starting in January 2015 we will carry jewelry! Don’t forget you can still purchase selected items on, sizes 2 to 24. Ain’t God good to a little black girl from Athens, Georgia!

Here’s Your Thank You

Thank you to all the fabulous ladies that supported my clothing line! My goal is to make every woman, every size and every age feel fabulous in affordable luxury! I will be back live @ HSN in October with an all new collection! I will return to Canada in November with the new line as well. Hopefully by the new year, I will be in the UK and South Africa. Again Thank you so much and you can still go to to shop The Nene Leakes Collection.

Hunni U Better WERK!

Yes another satisfied Nene Leakes Collection customer miss Gail Hudson working the headband and cold shoulder tunic top.

Go to to shop around and become apart of #teamfab!

Team Fab!

Another satisfied Nene Leakes Collection customer #teamfab

Shop the look HERE.

GarnerStyle Rocks My HSN Collection

Another satisfied Nene Leakes Collection Curvy Girl! Check out her blog about my jogging suit, which she describes as “young, hip, and cute.” She looks fabulous and those sandals make it even more chic! Work it, hunni!

Go get yourself the look before it sells out!

My Exclusive Interview With

NeNe Leakes - interview

Check out my exclusive interview with! I get candid about the Wendy Williams drama, my reality TV friendship vs real friendships and how I hope my HSN clothing line will open doors for other Black women. Read it all HERE!

This Is Truly From The Heart…

Nene Leakes - Collection launch thank you

Yesterday was the big launch of The Nene Leakes Collection and boy did we launch LOL! Having my own line of affordable luxury clothing was just a dream a few years ago but with your enormous amount of support I was able to turn that dream into a reality. To hear women Call into HSN and say that I was making women of all shapes and sizes feel fabulous and confident wearing The Nene Leakes Collection truly touched my heart! I have always been a dreamer but there’s a big difference in dreaming and doing. Yesterday WE DID THAT! You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t believe in your dreams and yourself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you that called, tweeted, Instagram, texted and emailed me your support. There are items still available on so check it out and become a part of #teamfab #womensupportingwomen #fashionispassion #hsnfashion #ifiwinyouwin

Here I Am Baby!

Nene Leakes Collection at HSN Now Available

After a year in the making I am finally here HSN with The Nene Leakes Collection! Catch me today LIVE in the studio @ 4pm to 4:22pm then again @ 9pm to 11pm. Tune in! Go to and put Nene in the search engine to shop around. Size 2 to 24 available!

PS: We have sold out of various styles and I thank you soooooooooooo much for all your support!!