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Don’t Miss This Week’s #RHOA

Don’t forget to catch a brand new episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta this Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo!

~ NeNe Leakes

When I Judge You, You Will Know It!

Kenya and Porsha have no clue about parenting so let’s just let them stay in their room and do their fake hug and cry. I love it! Moving on!

As Phaedra said, “I have had problems with my son”…now, now Phaedra, you are entitled to your opinion but the facts remain, you don’t know anything about my children. Have you ever met Bryson? If so, it couldn’t have been but once. Remember you have two young boys to raise! Let’s pray they don’t do six years in prison! You know the apple don’t fall far from the tree! (more…)

The Proof Is Here!

NeNe Leakes - Kissing Chuck Smith

Please believe I have dated Chuck Smith too! Don’t believe me? The proof is right here hunni!

~ NeNe Leakes

Sneak Peek of This Week’s Episode!

Catch a brand new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo this Sunday at 8/7c! All the girls are coming with me to Savannah for a ladies trip! Let’s hope there isn’t too much drama…

~ NeNe Leakes

My Relationship With Gregg Is Everything

My relationship with Gregg is everything right now! We are having the time of our life. Gregg hanging out in my house of fashion was a hoot. Gregg thinks I have gone shopping crazy, and I have!

I love having girlfriends, and I like putting together girls’ days even more, so I tried once again to do something nice for these ladies. I woke up early, planned a fruit and champagne toast alone, with my husband handing each lady a rose before our departure. The excessive tardiness is something I will no longer tolerate! I’m not sure if it’s me that they choose to do this to, but it’s ending today. Being excessively tardy on a continuous basis is just blatantly rude, shows a lack of respect, and a don’t care attitude. Don’t you just hate when people are late and have excuses like I have a baby? Well hello, that’s even more of a reason why you should plan accordingly! I have children as well who are just as important. Isn’t Phaedra the mortician of manners? Mmmhmmm!

And people with excuses like we stopped and got something to eat when you’re looking like you’re ready to bust… Two and three hours late is just crazy and to walk in like it’s OK is even more crazy! Isn’t it just good manners to call if you are running late to an invitation only event? Some things will never change, which is why you have to change. Sometimes people need a good dose of their own medicine. Count on me to give it to them! Wink wink!

Thanks for tuning in! Catch me in a tell-all one-on-one interview tonight at 10/9c on E! with Giuliana Rancic. You don’t wanna miss this!

Happy Holidays!
NeNe Leakes

New #RHOA Episode Tonight!

Catch a brand new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight at 8pm on Bravo!

~ NeNe Leakes

Clearing Up the ‘Head Doctor’ Comment

A hit dog always holla! I never said I knew Phaedra in school. I mean why would I say that? She’s 21 years old and I’m 121 years old, right? I’m sure that’s what she would want the world to think. Hit your rewind button! I didn’t say I knew Phaedra was “The Head Doctor,” I said it was a rumor! We have all heard rumors about somebody we didn’t go to school with. It wasn’t said with malicious intent, but it was said. I’m definitely a jokester, but the one thing I don’t practice is lying.

This is the show we signed up for! Don’t get new now! I can’t count the number of times Phaedra has lied about my character. It works like this: don’t ever think you can dish on me and I can’t do the same to you.

Let’s welcome Chuck and Mynique to the show! As you can already tell, Chuck knows a few of these ladies in more ways than one! I’m not privy to the relationships he’s had with the other ladies, but I have heard all the rumors, so stick around, I think he does a pretty good job of letting us know.

I asked all the ladies to join me on a girls’ trip to Savannah, Georgia. Girls’ trips are always good to do. If they don’t do anything else, they will make you glad to arrive and happy you departed.

Keep tuning in as this show takes many turns! Thanks for always loving who I am.

~ NeNe Leakes

Not Seeing Eye to Eye With Cynthia

NeNe Leakes - Grocery Shopping With Cynthia

Have you ever heard the saying “we being set back ten years”? The things people are willing to put out there!

Grocery shopping with Cynthia was fun. I ate just as much as I purchased, LOL! Going into the grocery store is dangerous for me. We discussed Cynthia’s thirteen-year-old daughter dating. I am pretty cool as a mom I think! I also know that there is no handbook on how to raise a child. For me it’s one of the hardest jobs one could have! I love Cynthia, but on this one we won’t see eye to eye. I love the fact that Cynthia wants to have the lines of communication open with her daughter, but in my opinion there comes a time when you have to be a parent. Everything your teen wants isn’t always good for them! At the same time, you have to do what works for you and your household.

I happen to have a very handsome teen son! I feel like Brentt has his whole life ahead of him. I don’t want to have him consumed with dating and relationships! I do feel there are appropriate ages to date as a teen, but 13 or 14 isn’t the appropriate age for me. I think children should stay children! Even if you have the opportunity to meet the other parent, it doesn’t mean anything in my book. It feels more like you’re consenting or approving, but again, if it works for you, go for it.

In this generation I’m not sure there’s a thing called puppy love! I think parents are blinded by what it can really be. We as parents walk into situations with our eyes closed instead of wide open. We just want to help Brentt to focus on education and being a respectable young man. Girls are definitely going to come, and we will be right there guiding him…

Thanks for always supporting me! My health is much better today, so thank all of you who sent up prayers.

Stay Fierce and Fabulous Darling,

NeNe Leakes

My Bravo Bloopers!

Yaaaaaass this is so funny! Watch this clip for a good laugh! LOL

~ NeNe Leakes

New Episode of #RHOA Sunday!

Don’t miss a brand new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta this Sunday on Bravo at 8/7c!! Blooooooop

~ NeNe Leakes